An Unknown Source to Get Uncensored Information

There is too much fake news, conservatives were silenced, censored. How are we going to get real news?

Many people probably overlooked that we still have a reliable source out there.

A secret source to get trust and uncensored information

There is a man, who launched the whistleblower’s movement on his own who determined to change China and shape the world

  • He has worked for Chinese intelligence department before (similar to US’s CIA, FBI) he was well trained, educated and very familiar with how CCP operate. He went through enormous amount of challenges, turbulence and perils but he made it today.
  • He is brilliant and has superb memory, savviness, and wisdom; He has top-level social skills, and incredible ability to read other’s mind. He’s responsible, selfless and free. He is also a billionaire with kindness and core values and has capabilities to lead.
  • Through his whistleblowing movement, he had gained tremendous support from Chinese people all over the world and also draw a significant number of allies include CCP insiders, intelligence officers, high profile officers’ as well as allies across the globe, some allies even still work in the deep state in their own countries.
  • He is controversial as he got all sorts of attack. People attack him for many different reasons, some for jealous, dislike him thinking he’s arrogant or looked down him thinking he is nothing but just a new-money. Some due to anger for his pulling back from supporting Trump to start working with Biden administration (what strategically you can do when you were in his shoes? His goal is taking down the CCP. He is not going to involve in American’s election). CCP attacking him is for fear, fear that their plot to take over the world would be threatened due to his constantly whistleblowing. Yes, the CCP tried all different method to silence him or to repatriate him but those efforts did not beat him, instead, making him even stronger!
  • Because of his connections, information come out from him would be most reliable as they are often based on intelligence, not just based on some theory.

He’s name is Miles Guo. You can follow his G series such as the Gnews, GTV… and The New Federal State of China. Highly recommend.

Ok why we need to follow him, didn’t we have so many others we can follow?

Yes, we do, however, the importance to follow him is for this reason.

One of the biggest mistakes I’d see from this US election is that the US truly underestimated CCP and their capability therefor they did not prevent CCP’s success of manipulating this election using their bio-weapon hence allowed the dark force of the communism taking over the world.

Many people have been alarming the western country about the rise of CCP and their attempt. Despite lots of efforts for quite some years, the western countries’ government administration and the general public did not take it seriously and often ignore, why?

Each country in the world, whether or not dictatorship, has a sort of “deep state”. People in the deep state themselves often collude with the CCP for their own benefit, especially those Politians, I guess you know those names without I speaking out. Right? Just check those so and so Foundations…

so even though they know what CCP is up to, they know how bad evil the CCP is, they still choose to work with them, collude with them rather stand against the CCP, simply because they themselves are bad too. Pseudo-faith, pseudo-righteousness, pseudo-morals and pseudo-charity… their philosophy is that it’s easier to compromise and collude than stand against…

The public majority, on the other hand, many still maintained memories about China in its 60s or 70s, their knowledge didn’t get up to date, they underestimated CCP’s evil, in their mind, they still consider China is so under development, so they think how possibly they can harm us? Why pay attention to them?  

We often heard:

“We have democratic government and system running our country and defend us” guess what? They BGY every Politician and officer in that system include those in intelligent, judicial and military sectors so your country’s sovereignty was sold and people are betrayed and decepted.

 “We have much advanced technology..” guess what? They steal your technology and use them to against you

“we have free speech platforms and watch dog medias ” guess what? They bought over or hold control shares of lots of media and big techs in the world no matter if its profitable so they can censor you wherever you live and their propaganda can spread all over the world

“They don’t even speak English”  so? They become so powerful that you might need to or might force to learn some Chinese in the future as President Trump predicated.

“Their English bad, I don’t like their accents” what the accent has anything to do with getting reliable information?

Is there any better way to know China than learning directly from China’s insiders like Miles Guo?

Remember, to know your enemy is to become your enemy.

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Of course, there are also many other sources that have valuable information and worth to follow. Here are some of them.

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