Blessing or Curse – Future Belongs to Artificial Intelligence

For globalists, the age of man is over. The future belongs to artificial intelligence.

Yuval Harari talks openly about the globalist project: The age of man is over because of transhumanism, depopulation and microchips controls.

This man, the author of “A Brief History of Humankind”, is the real “mentor” behind WEF Group today! A “madman” who is planning and ambitiously outlining how to completely transform and disrupt traditional human society!

The elites of Davos are following his guidance and path and carrying out their plans:

Eliminate traditional national sovereignty, control the governments of today’s most dominant nations through globalized organizations, turn sovereign nations into a controlled unitary organization in a globalized new world system at the behest of the WEF, and thus systematically control the entire human race! Vaccines, lockdowns, open borders, emphasis on political correctness, control of big media, big technology, big capital, implementation of social digital identity, implementation of digital currency, control of the most basic aspects of the autonomy of each person’s life.

The whole human society will reach the New World Order designed by this “madman”! Eliminate national sovereignty or sovereign states, and let the WEF global super group take charge of everything. Fundamentally overturn the existing political system of sovereignty over the people and achieve the New World Order!

This also indirectly explains why the WEF cult is at loggerheads with Trump and Putin! The reason is: Sovereignty!

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Once these two nails are removed, the countries of the world would all become those like Trudeau’s Canada, castrated Germany and Japan, the WEF then become the real super “elite” to dominate the world!

Global issues, such as global climate change, pandemics are the best “reasons” to implement their New World Order.