Why Trudeau Crushed Down Peaceful Protest Against Vaccine Mandate

At the end of last year, Trudeau suddenly requires all Canadian truck drivers to get fully vaccinated, otherwise, there will be 14 days of quarantine every time leaving or entering the border. This order will obviously put the drivers who do not want to get vaccinated into struggle and couldn’t make ends meet. Therefore, all unvaccinated drivers started to protest against the mandate and at the same time, many fully vaccinated drivers also joined the protest.

Why did Trudeau force the truck drivers to get vaccinated? Increasing infection cases didn’t support that it is for the concern of public health. Besides the economic benefit, it is more about the absolute control, the fundamental goal of the “Big Government” philosophy, a prerequisite of the “Great Reset”, premeditated New World Order governance model. Trudeau is a loyal believer, follower, and active participant of this agenda.

The slogan of the Great Reset is “You will own nothing and be happy”. The big government gets to control who is eligible to work, do what type of work, who can receive income, how much they can earn, how to distribute the sources of people’s livelihood. The government needs absolute power and majesty to achieve the goal. What the truck drivers are fighting for is anti-control, my rights, my call. The head-on resistance is why Trudeau went crazy on suppressing the truck drivers.

The concept of Great Reset is in fact a variant of fascist. Believers think that human productivity can be dominated by multinational companies led by a few elites with the rapid development of advanced technology. A few high-tech multinational companies can meet the supply of demand. In their eyes, the problem is about unreasonable resource allocation, not insufficient supply. And the Great Reset is to solve the allocation issue.

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What they need is a global government with absolute power and collaboration with the global “elite”.

So far, it is not difficult to understand why Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act to crack down on the peaceful demonstration of truck drivers. From Trudeau’s point of view, this is the crucial battle he cannot afford to lose to promote the Great Reset.

Anyone who pursues freedom should have a clear awareness: We have no choice but to fight back!