Why Putin Attack Ukraine – West and NATO Didn’t Get It?

When the west desperately condemns Putin’s military action against Ukraine, threaten to impose sanctions on Russia, one need to think, can it really work?

Putin’s attack on Ukraine should logically wake up western countries, but from the overwhelming analysis and comments made by mainstream media around the world, apart from unanimous condemnation, none of them seem to have clearly understood the essence of this incident.

Unfortunately, Putin’s attack on Ukraine is the inevitable result of the globalization elite policy implemented by the United States, Europe and the entire Western countries!

In Putin’s own words, attacking Ukraine is to prevent NATO’s eastward expansion and to protect Russia’s territorial security.

In essence, Putin and Trump have one obvious characteristic in common, that is, they both believe that if I am the leader of the country, I should have the final say, and I should safeguard my own homeland security and the interests of my own people, my decision would always to put my own country into first consideration. Trump’s America First policy, make America great again motto, is exactly based on such an easy-to-understand common sense.

For this reason, it is not over estimated that Putin is actually a strong patriotic head of state even though he is always painted as a dictator type by the main stream media over the world.

Now let’s look at Ukraine.

Ukraine used to be a part of Russia, just like brothers in a same family. Since the European Union, NATO and other western countries actually have been controlled by the dark forces in Davos, countries are deeply influenced and infiltrated by the globalized big government concept they promote. The government is dominated by the white leftists that are installed by the dark forces in Davos, and Ukraine is no exception, and it is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe.

The fundamental difference between these national leaders and Putin or Trump is that these so called leaders are basically puppets, they are all swamp forces in Davos, they are not there for the interests of their own people, or for their own country. They all serve those global elites. So strictly speaking, they are all traitors of their country.

Trudeau and Biden are typical examples. They disregard the interests of their own people, open the border to illegal immigrants, indulge and cover up the black lives matter activities despite those demonstrations ended up smashing, looting and burning down the city. On contrary, they use brutal police and military against the peaceful protests of the real patriots of their own country.

Anyone who has half brain can tell that the US January 6 incident and the crash down of peaceful demonstration of truckers in Canada are typical examples of how these governments treat their own patriot people.

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Trudeau had rather give terrorists tens of millions of astronomical compensations than giving veterans of a little extra disability allowance!

These puppet regimes, the Ukrainian government are no exception, they have no ability to govern their country, and the economy and people’s livelihood are in a mess!

What their ability is to play the race card, advocate gay or transgender rights, or promote political correctness nonsenses, etc. They endlessly use Russia collusion to frame Trump, and painting Russia as the enemy of the Western world in their non-stop propaganda. . .

Ukraine is on the doorstep of Russia, if you don’t like to live with the Russian big brother, and then just live your own way. But you are aligned with NATO to against Russia, making Russia an imaginary enemy, of cause Russia would feel so close the threats is and to combat this threat becomes logical.

Simply say, Putin is a strong leader. He does not want to be at the mercy of your puppet regimes like NATO, the European Union, etc. Besides, your Western countries have always demonized Putin and Russia, always planted Putin in Russia as the number one enemy, so judging from Putin’s character and style, this military action becomes reasonable for him and in line with the morality he pursues. It was like, you want to mess with Russia, taste the power of my iron fist.

This attack on Ukraine is really a big slap in the face to the EU and NATO.

From the last time Russia easily took over Crimea, we can see the Western countries really don’t know what they are doing. They want to sanction Russia, then Putin monopolized all power supply facilities of Europe. So if you dare to sanction Russia, he can just pinch your electricity. You see, who is really the one being punished?

Now we see all the Western countries are pushing its Great Reset agenda for the Davos Group,

They disregarding the economy and people’s life, vigorously promoting vaccine passports that violate human rights, to completely enslave people around the world, Putin, however, has been opposed to mandatory vaccine policies from last year and early this year…

Western country people, how long you would allow yourselves being fooled by the so-called mainstream media? Wake up!

Putin is at least a normal person compared to those fools such as Canada’s Trudeau, French’s Macron, and former German Merkel who never take their own nationals seriously. Take NATO as an example. As in an alliance, it is natural that everyone should join forces and share obligations and contributions. However, European countries such as German Merkel and others are eating inside and out, take advantage of the contributions of the United States, while clouting with its NATO rivals or competitors, such as the evil CCP to jeopardize alliance’s benefit for their own benefit. That’s why Trump decided to put on hold US contribution and urge other NATO allies to fulfill their obligations.

In the end, do the world leaders really care about people in Ukraine? It seems to me that it is only a card that those world leaders use to attack their political opponents.

Although we should condemn any military aggression against other countries, Putin is indeed a dictator who believes in great-power chauvinism, from the current world situation and the grassroots point of view, this Russian-Ukrainian war, just like the Taliban incident in Afghanistan, is the catastrophic disaster consequences of US stolen election.