Is the Pandemic Really Over

Last month, Biden announced in a 60 Minutes interview that the pandemic was over, right after that, suddenly Western swamp groups and Eastern allies all followed with announcing the end of Covid 19 pandemic restrictions. Both Japan and Canada have been lifted restrictions on unvaccinated travelers within the month, while many are happy about this news, we should never forget that we are not out of the war, in fact, the war is intensifying.

The reason is, in my opinion, because mission complete! Their masters, the WEF (World Economic Forum), got what they want – the Comply Test on billions of people is successfully completed. And soon, they will use the test results to launch their Central Bank Digital Currency, the so-called “social responsibility” system that “tracks the carbon emissions of individuals”. This Social Responsibility system, also known as “Social Credit System” launched by the Chinese Communist Party.

A recent article published in the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that Covid lockdowns, social distance, contact tracking, masks and vaccine mandates are all tests against billions of people’s “compliance with government orders” in to assess whether people would accept a “social responsibility” score system based on “tracking personal carbon emissions”. The WEF has even blatantly stopped hiding their evil plans, yet how many of the “general public” sheeple really care about this plan that will determine their fate?

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It turns out that the Covid 19 shot that was given to billions of people is an experimental mRNA shot which permanently destroyed their immune systems, tens of millions killed due to side effects, This mass injection not only helped WEF advancing their “depopulation” goals, it also provided them opportunity to test people’s “willingness” to be a sheep, it allows them to conclude that the ones who are willing to comply with vaccination will likely comply with the “social credit system” and become active users of CBDC.

The sheeple who cares nothing but obey will once again push their fate to even more dangerous passive position.

Why wake them up? Because not only they become the vaccine victims, they will also become prisoners walking into economic prisons, and eventually lead the entire human society into the prisons. Soon they will be condemning people for lack of social responsibility just as they condemn the unvaccinated, and it’s no difference.

What’s more, the system introduced by the WEF is called “social credit”, and the sheeple will rightly believe that it is a “positive” policy of value to the society. Never underestimate the foolish of the ignorant.

We see the precipice in front of us, though we know our voice are weak, we must try our best to wake them up, just as we did in the beginning of the mass covid injection that we warned those around us not to take it despite the hardships and the hostility we encounter. But this is the most valuable thing we have ever done in our lives as human beings – to save humanity from falling into the prison created by the evil demons.