Medication Proved Can Cure COVID 19 – 1st Part

This is a Simultaneous interpretation of an information session about the medications that can either prevent or cure Covid19 – 1st part

It is provided by Wen Yi who is a medical doctor and researcher that has over 30 years’ of experience and clinical medical practice in the field of Virus research and human immunity.

This info session is hosted by Beijingren and Qianyecao.

Medication that proved can cure Covid 19 – 1st part

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Please introduce today’s topic.

Ok, What I want to share with you today is to see if there are any drugs that can prevent and treat this COVID19 virus based on what I have learned from the recent research.

Because at present, those medical institutions and government bureaucrats in most countries of the world have created various fears and lock downs just to force everyone to get the vaccine. But they will not tell ordinary people that this disease can be treated and prevented with medicine.

Whether it is the prevention or for early treatment of the infection, even in the severe stage, there are drugs to treat and to save people’s lives. Many scientists and medical professionals have done tremendous work to search for a cure.

So I want to share this information with everyone. Of course, the best way is to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party and let them hand over the antidote, but if we can’t get the antidote, we can still pass the information that is publicly available about these clinical medical practices and treatments to everyone, and share the info about the recommended drugs. The purpose is to let the general public know that this disease can be prevented and can be treated without having to inject the vaccine.

Before I start, I still like to share with you some papers that I have read recently.

This paper is the latest paper published on June 16. When I read this report, I immediately recalled a case I introduced to you last time.

That case was about a patient who died four weeks after being vaccinated. Right? At that time, he was suffering from abdominal pain, and he went to the hospital for examination due to persistent abdominal pain. The hospital performed a gastrointestinal endoscopy and diagnosed ischemic colitis. In fact, I think the death of that patient is very similar to the case reported in this paper. I believe he was misdiagnosed at the time because I felt a little confused at the time, how could he have ischemic colitis? How could it be? Is that the place get blocked? This report confirmed my speculation for that. This report is about the patient’s intestinal thrombosis after the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is portal vein thrombosis. This portal vein thrombosis is extremely rare in clinical. And the fatality rate is extremely high. So they discovered this situation in time and treated with anticoagulation therapy and so on, therefor rescued the patient. So I’d like to share this report with you here, since the patient who died of abdominal pain but was diagnosed with colitis. Intestinal blood obstruction is rare, so the chance of misdiagnosis is very high. The purpose of this report is to share with everyone that if anyone around us or friends has abdominal pain after being vaccinated. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t ignore it because the death rate is very high.

This one is from the American Journal of Hematology. It says that this kind of thrombus is not necessarily caused by AstraZeneca. There are also many patients who had the same experience but have been vaccinated by Pfizer and Moderna.

So this report says that after a vaccine, no matter what kind of vaccine is given, this kind of cerebral thrombosis or systemic venous thrombosis will become a black swan event in the history of vaccines. They made it very clear about that. See it was published on June 16th

We’ll see, thrombotic caused by the vaccine may appear more and more in the future.

In addition to this report, one of the other two papers was published in the Journal of Clinical Vaccines, and Journal of Pediatrics.

It’s about the Delta strain. We mentioned this Delta strain last time, which is mainly spread between children and adolescents.

This paper is to tell everyone that children and teenagers, their clinical symptoms after infection are particularly like common colds and fevers.

The purpose of this paper is to tell everyone that when you find children around you, or children in your family, if they have a mild cough, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and other cold symptoms, don’t overlook it, you need to be alert and pay close attention to it. Don’t think it’s just a common cold. With some of the drugs we are going to introduced today, you might be able to help the child get early treatment and the virus can be completely eliminated at an early stage.

Ok next paper, this was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Microbiological Diagnosis.

Why share this? Because we know that the current screen of covid 19 is to test through the nasal cavity. And this published paper is telling everyone that covid screen can also be done by testing saliva. So what did they find by examining saliva? When the Virus concentration is not very high that cannot be detected through nasal but it can be detected in the saliva. This raises a very serious question. That is, saliva may spread the virus.

Because of this vaccine, no matter what type of vaccine, theoretically its S protein will exist in our body fluids, including saliva. So in theory, the virus exists.

Then, let’s see the latest update from the VAERS system in the United States of total numbers of infections and death as of June 11. You see 5,993 people died. More than 20,700 people were hospitalized. More than 40,000 people are in an emergency situation.

This picture lists the Delta strain as a variant of special concern in the United States. Then we can see that this histogram proves that the number of infections in the United States has doubled in a week.

Three quarters are caused by this Delta strain, so it seems that this Delta strain is coming fiercely.

Look at this article published in the Israel Post. What do you see? They said the virus has been under control and will end soon. But the epidemic has also been affected to a certain extent. And in this article, it is also clearly stated that this epidemic is normal during the season change every year. Well, I don’t know who is so wicked to write such kind of trendy misleading article. And it was published in the Jerusalem Post in Israel.

Is this virus really over in Israel? I don’t believe. In fact, their data also proved that it is far from over. They had to report it on the 22nd because I guess they couldn’t cover it up anymore.

Israel has continuously stated that the infection numbers and cases can be controlled in single digits, but really? on June 22 alone, they detected more than 100 new infections on a single day! And in those days, the city continued to add more than 100 people every single day. and all related to the Delta strains.

You see, this is the data I intercepted yesterday.  146 cases were found on the 23rd just one day only, it is far from over, and they were still in partial lockdown stage. Can they stop it?

We know more than 60% of their people in Israel received two doses of the vaccine. Their infections accounted for 10% of the total population. They were supposed to have completely reached the criteria of herd immunity, but they still cannot stop the epidemic. Think about it

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Okay, now let me share with you, what is the way and how to treat this disease, and which drugs can be used.

If we need to solve it we have to solve it fundamentally. To do this, we have to go back to the beginning of the virus and the fundamentals of the problem.

So we need to learn as much as possible about the biological activity of this virus. Knowing how it can cause harm to our human body, and then we can know where to get start in order to solve this problem.

For better understanding, I posted this picture here for annotation.

We know many medical professionals and scientists from all over the world are also trying desperately for treatment and cures based on this principle from all aspects.

Okay, let’s look at the first part, the mark No. 1.

When a virus invades the human body, it first enters the surface of the cell membrane. That TMPRSS2 is a protein in the human body. After the virus enters the human body, it is closely related to two important molecules. The first one is ACE2 we are all familiar with; the second one is this TMPRSS2

So the very important first step is that we have to take measures at this spot in order to stop the virus from entering the cell membrane.

The second and third spot is that after the virus enters the human body, its protein and membrane then fall off.

Then proceed to the fourth spot. At this time, it will duplicate its nucleic acid to synthesize its own protein. As we mentioned earlier, just like occupies your bed, give birth to its child, and consumes your resources and energy.

Then, after the fifth part, it has to pack it up and release.

This process will lead to some serious immune responses in our body such as cytokine storm. It is in the sixth spot. Sometimes the damage caused by the cytokine storm to human body is more serious than the damage caused by the virus itself.

So the seventh spot is where we hope to treat with some comprehensive antibodies

The eighth spot normally, because in this stage your tissue may have severe ischemia and hypoxia, so normally can be treated with some antibiotics.

All of the current treatments against this virus are focused with different drugs in these eight spots or stage.

The number six, in this spot or stage, most of time is to use hormone therapy, but since  the excessive use of hormone therapy can cause severe harm and side effects to our human body, so unless it is a last resort or really necessary, this hormone therapy is generally avoided, so I am going to skip this part.

I’d like to introduce some medication that can be used in the first spot. Such as Bromhexine Hydrochloride. And next time, we will introduce other drugs that can be used in other part.

Well this paper was published in the infection magazine. It has mentioned how to apply high-dose hormone therapy to the cytokine storm. They mentioned the use of high-dose hormones such as tosiximab or prednisone. Then they have published this report with their clinical effect which is relatively good. The English name of that is

The current medical report also proves that the use of vitamin D in Gail Village can also effectively reduce the mortality rate and reduce the severe disease rate. So I strongly encourage everyone to go out and get in the sun.

This medicine is ulinastin. Why I introduce this medicine? While I was checking this, the magazine mentioned that they had been using it for a long time, and the main producer of this medicine was in China. It was made by extracting some kind of urea.

Then they analyzed that it is very effective to use this drug when some cytokine storm happen that cause severe illness. ulinastin

I saw many of the authors are Chines..?

Yes, because most of these clinical drugs come from China, what you said is quite right, because most of these drugs are produced in China, so most of the authors of these reports are Chinese. The effect of this medicine is quite obvious; at least it can save lives.

The second paper was published in bmc magazine. you see they said treatment for acute respiratory distress syndrome in China.

They use the term meta-analysis, which means that they had done with a lot of people.

This medicine is called Ciclesonide. This medicine appeared in the e-mail that was leaked by Foci, and it was mentioned there. His leaked e-mail mentioned that in addition to Hydroxychloroquine, this medicine is also effective. Then I got very curious, so I checked a lot of paper and report in order to study this medicine. Then I discovered that this medicine is actually a glucocorticoid, which is mainly used Europe and America. It is used to treat asthma or allergic rhinitis. It is available in the United States and Canada. This medicine is only available as a spray and not taken orally. So in Fuci’s email, on the one hand, they suppression of Hydroxychloroquine, meanwhile , also mentioned the drug. Its brand is Alvesco

Someone asked if this is the antidote. From my knowledge, I personally think that this is not the antidote.

This paper was published in the Journal of Virology in January 2021. What they analyzed is that this spray can block the replication of the COVID19 virus. The report they provided is a cytology experiment, so according to this experimental data, we can see that this medication can suppress a variety of coronaviruses, similar to SARS, MERS, and mouse viruses.

Look at the last one the picture B.

The next paper is that, thy analyzed that and concluded that the validity period of the virus blockade is for two or three hours. So the time is short. But it is suitable for circumstances, for example, you go to a party that lasts within two or three hours, and you might need to speak without wearing a mask. So by using this medication, maybe you just sprayed your nose before the party, and it would be helpful to protect you so it has this type of protective effect.

Next, let’s start by focusing on the treatment apply to the first part. This bromhexine hydrochloride is a very old drug with a history of more than 60 years. They have syrups and tablets.

It is an over-the-counter drug in China, and it seems to be an over-the-counter drug in Hong Kong. But it is a prescription drug in Canada. It mainly blocks the fusion of the S protein with the cell membrane hence to block the invasion of the virus.

The next one is a relatively new paper. It’s about other clinical experiment. Their experiments proved that bromhexine hydrochloride can prevent this virus from invading.

The picture below, is the data of their clinical experiment, it is also group experiment that dividing patients into two, one took bromhexine hydrochloride  and the other did not take it.

Next let’s look at the next page for the results. look at this treatment group. You can see that the only two infections in this group compared to the other one that not taking it and it has seven infections.

We also know that this hydroxychloroquine sulfate is very useful. But as soon as they learned about it they immediately cancelled permit for emergency use of this hydroxychloroquine sulfate which can be an ideal treatment drug. Therefore, they are the least willing to let the public know how hydroxychloroquine can save lives. This is my personal opinion.

This paper in the next one is also a clinical trial as well as an experiment with the drug bromhexine hydrochloride. Look at this result, their analyze or conclusion is that bromhexine hydrochloride can effectively curb mortality. This experiment is the same as the one above; that they divided all the patients into two groups with one took the med and the other not. Moreover, all of these patients have reached the critical stage of the illness that with severe pneumonia and dyspnea symptom.

As a result, after two weeks of treatment, it was discovered that after taking bromhexine hydrochloride, the symptoms and other associated symptoms of many patients were significantly reduced. And it proved that this drug can greatly block the invasion of the virus and boost patient’s recovery.

Now to answer the audience’s question, after taking hydroxychloroquine sulfate plus zinc. The instructions say there are many side effects.

Of course, for all drugs, all drugs will list a lot of side effects there, and there are no drugs that have no side effects at all. And yes for some people, they cannot take certain drugs at all, so there is no doubt that these drugs have side effects.

Some viewers asked whether or not people who were vaccinated would infect others that have not vaccinated.

I have introduced to you in the previous two episodes. Theoretically, after vaccinated, the mNRA will continue to exist to one’s body, therefor the S protein will continue to be produced inside the. And this S protein will persist in body fluids. So it is theoretically possible to transmit through body fluids. But so far this only in theory, in reality, we don’t know yet, no data available yet, we still need to test it through monitoring and practice.

Well, when the patient returns home after recovery, how should the family members take precautions?

Well, again I can only infer theoretically. After recovery, the patient may still have S protein staying in the organ. Then we said before that it will spread through body fluids, so still we need to be cautious and prevent it.

Of course, adding zinc to hydroxychloroquine sulfate is not a panacea. It can only be efficient when the viral load is very low, but when the virus concentration is extremely high, it cannot protect. So then we will talk about other related drugs in the next episode.

What is the most obvious feature of this mutated virus delta?

The first is that its propagation efficiency is twice that of the original. The second is that it is mainly spread among young people, like children and adolescents. And the existing vaccine seems to be not protection at all for this variant.

In early stage, it would be helpful by only taking hydroxychloroquine sulfate plus zinc, or bromhexine hydrochloride, or azithromycin and other drugs. It can effectively curing and protecting you.

We will introduce more other drugs in our next episode. Thank you.


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