Watch Or Regret – Consequences The Vaccines May Bring To Us – Part2

consequences that mRNA vaccines may bring to us – 2nd part

This is a Simultaneous interpretation of an information session about the consequences that mRNA vaccines may bring to us – 2nd part

It is provided by Wen Yi who is a medical doctor and researcher that has over 30 years’ of experience and clinical medical practice in the field of Virus research and human immunity.

The session is hosted by Beijingren and Qianyecao.

The Consequences that mRNA vaccines may bring to us – 2nd part

This video only covers some highlight of the session. To watch the original session please click the link here.

Today we continue from last episode and talk about the 2nd part of the consequences the mRNA vaccine may bring to us.

As usual, I first want to share few recent papers that I consider important.

The first one is published on Stroke magazine, very new, I here show you it’s image, this is a study of the clinic analyze and research after following up with many Covid19 patients and the study is done by a collaboration work from more than 32 countries as the title indicated, the multinational Covid-19 Stroke Study Group.

From this report, they had followed up with 432 patients that from 32 countries 136 medical center.

the purpose for the follow up is to identify the different of the stroke from covid 19 patients with what we knew of the traditional stroke.

As you can see, these 432 patients come from 32 countries and 50% of the patients are male, the age is between 15 to 65 years old. About 1 4th of the patients are younger than 55 years old and have no history of stroke or any other high blood pressure related disease.

43% of patients were already recovered from covid, but had stroke when they staying home.

Only 27% patients are still in the hospital and may have chance to survive.

We can see 30% of the patients had already died. And the other 43% of patient though still alive, they might be permanently disabled due to stroke.

Among all these 432 stroke patients, 323 are acute Ischemic Stroke which is very rare compared with what we know about a traditional stroke, and according to standards of WHO, the Toast Criteria which is to category about the cause of stroke, and it indicated that 33% are caused by Aortic embolism which is very rare as normally the blood clot is happen in the Arteriolar embolism. Plus most of these patients are recovered from covid and staying home but had stroke due to Aortic embolism.

is there possibility that when they design the virus they can also design it to target different race of human?

Well, human, each individual has different gene and each had different immune system and ability regardless of the race.

  Normally when we are in our 30s, our immune system is in the strongest stage, so patients at this age infected by the virus, two possibilities, one is that the patient has strong immue system that can resist and defend.

 Another possibility is that though the patient’s immue is too strong, due to some other gene structure the body will have over strong immune response which might cause harm and even leading to death. So it all depends on each individual’s immune structure. but it is possible it can relate to specific race and I’ll elaborate later as according to a paper, the certain clip inside the gene sequence of the S protein is like Human nuclear bomb for some specific race.

This is published on the diabetes magazine.

It says they discovered that those critically ill patient who never had diabetes before but once infected then The condition deteriorated drastically and their Blood sugar is difficult to control and eventually died. The death rate is high. So the team did Autopsy by separating their Pancreatic cells and compare with the S protein, in the image, the green bar is the RBD fragment of the S protein. So they discovered that just this RBD fragment has Very high affinity with the Pancreatic cells. That means when we got the vaccine shot, as we know, what we injected is that S protein, that means, as long as there is RBD fragment, it can enter into our Pancreatic cells, so as long as you get the shot, it can cause the S protein to enter our body’s Pancreatic and cause the Pancreatic cells be damaged, and cause the blood sugar out of control or death.   This is what they discovered and concluded.

This result is also very concern to me as we know what we get from the vaccine is the S protein. And no matter what type of vaccine, what brand of vaccine, its outcome is to produce the S protein. So this S protein is able to enter Pancreatic cells.

Ok, this one is approved what we discussed last episode. Look, this is published on Cells.

Look, they followed up with patients who received vaccine or infected by the virus for 8 month. They tested with different antibody produced. If you still remember what we talked last time, what we need most is the igM with B cell, but as you can see, once injected this antibody decrease significantly and within 3 month it’s gone.

But you see the igG antibody is always remain high level, same as the anti-Spike igG,  these antibody are the one we never want, and if you infect the virus and it might cause your life by getting the shot!

Because the exist of these igG antibody, it stimulates your body Cytokine storm so it approved the effect that we suppose to cure the patient but since there is igG antibody there, it kills the virus as well as your healthy cells so eventually take your life.

Just like what we knew, to Cure the hunchback patient, no matter what the situation is, if you just straighten it, you cured the hunchback but the patient also died.


Ok, this paper is published on Pediatric Infectious Diseases, it says after receiving vaccine, adolescents may have cardia injury.

I searched again, so you see, until May 29, their report for the case of Myocarditis and pericarditis is more than 700 and most of them are very young! The bottom black area is the report from FDA and CDC, you see the cardia injury happen rate is the highest in the group of 0~25 years old!

Ok now we continue to what we discussed from last time, and today we are going to focus on the rest of the issue, the S protein that causes acute or long-term chronic pathological damage, the potential infectious properties of the shed S protein, and so on.

The most important is that after you injected with the vaccine, the purpose of the vaccine, no matter what brand what type of it, is to produce the S protein, and more and more research data and the clinical data showed and approved, it can cause human body acute or long-term chronic damage.

Now I’d like to show you video clip that demonstrate how this vaccine works.

Look this vaccine the S protein, injected through the Deltoid muscle, 

This triangle area got the injection.

Once this nanoparticle enters your cell, what happen then? Then it turns on the sugar body and it translates into S protein, right? Then according to their prediction, after the translation this mRNA should be downgraded. The S protein should appear only on the surface of the musle cells and situmilate the B cells to produce antibody and the antibody is mainly igG type.

This is ideal results from the vaccine.

Let’s look at the picture on the right first, you can see that it’s injected in the deltoid muscle.

Because of the muscles is very thick in this area. Once injected, it hope this muscle cell can absorb the nanoparticles into the muscle cell. Then the S protein is expressed on the surface of muscle cells. Then it will stimulate your immune cells to react locally.

After the reaction occurs, it stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies. Subsequently, this mRNA is degraded in the muscle cells. The resulting S protein is present only on the surface of muscle cells. This is the result they hope to get. It is also the mechanism by which this MNR vaccine works. That video was posted on the official websites of FDA and CDC.

It was to explain how the vaccine works.

That’s the desired effect, but what is actually like? Please look at the picture on the left. This is what the author I mentioned last week questioned according to the leaked documents from Pfizer’s experimental report.

The leaked document clearly stated. After getting this vaccine. This mNRA vaccine will not stop at the muscle cells, but will quickly spread to all parts of the body. And concentrated in various tissues and organs of the human body, including the ovary, brain and spleen.

It also includes the reproductive organs of males. That is, the presence of this mRNA can be detected in all tissues and organs of the human body.

That is, it is not like they said that it only stays on the surface of the muscle.

Because the muscles have a strong ability to regenerate and repair, so your muscle function can be restored after a while. But once this mNRA is entered, it immediately spreads to other cells in the body, such as brain cells, and our brain cells, once our immune system attacks the brain cells it has no repair ability.

Then the author questioned the European Medical Council that so now that you know this situation, did you ensure the industry standard was followed? Why still approve the legality of this vaccine?

Now let’s read this paper. According to it the originally design is that this S protein will not travel to other parts of the whole body but only stays on the surface of muscle cells. But what is the actual situation? The actual situation is very scary.

This is also another paper recently published by on the Clinical infectious Disease magazine.

This paper is about to monitor these patients who have received two shots of the vaccine. That is, to test their blood regularly, and they tested for 28 days. As a result, they detected S protein in their blood. Of course, they said that of 13 people, only 11 of them tested S protein, which is a very high proportion.

Then it also proves that this S protein will enter the blood. And they tested it for 28 days that they can detect the S protein continuously, which means that the mRNA has not been degraded in your cells, instead, it is still producing the S protein continuously in the human body.

This S protein is continuous and becomes a bullet that damages our individual cells.

This picture is what we have shared with you before and is published on circulation research magazine. I think you may all be familiar with it.

In this picture, they refers to the S protein.

This S protein has entered every cell in our body.

So I just hope that everyone can know the result. If everyone knows, everyone will not get the vaccine. What can the government do?

The problem is that many people, he doesn’t know these results, and many people are still actively vaccinating.

This S protein enters the cell, and it’ll erase the ACE2.

You know the ACE2 is the most important to the human body, very, very important molecule.

That is very relevant to our cell function. I think this is a paper just published on May 24th. They analyzed that when ACE2 is erased by S protein, then this will cause a very strong psychological imbalance in our body.

I put this picture here just to let everyone see how closely related the ACE 2 is to our human cells. it was involved in blood pressure regulation, a disorder of water and electrolyte balance.

It is regulate of the internal environment. Regulation of secretion. Regulation of the immune system. So your S protein enters the cell, and if you erase the ACE2 cell inside, the result will be catastrophic.

Next. This is also published on nature. You see, after the S protein enters the body, I added some data, 123456. So the sixth, this is this cytokine storm, let’s just skip it. Look at number seven, then eight, nine, ten, and then in the purple area below. It shows that after the ACE 2 is degraded, the outcome it caused.

This picture, this paper was published recently; they found that the S protein has some unique fragments. And these fragments can target people with certain genes. That is, some people with the TCR gene are equivalent to a human nuclear bomb.

You see, this one is also just published on June 2nd.

It is about a child who developed a fatal shock-like syndrome after being directly infected.

They said that there are some special fragments in the S protein for those with TCR cells. This kind of lethal shock can be produced, you see, this child has produced it.

Ok, next one.

This paper is also very new. it was talking about the S1 fragment of the S protein. It can prevent the dissolution of cellulose by the cellulose solvent.

In this way, small thrombus may form. This is one of the mechanisms for the formation of small thrombus. This is because of the S fragment in the S protein, which makes the cellulose cells imbalance

Well, many of the things we talked about are acute, but there are also chronic ones. What is it chronic? It is reflected in impaired cell function.

What about chronic one? This is published on Tumor magazine that this S protein S 2 fragment can bind to the P53, the tumor suppressor protein of tumor cells.

After the combination, P 53 mutation is induced, and this P 53 is like a switch that can cause cancer. If P53 is mutant, it will cause cancer in the human body.

So it is possible, for those who have been vaccinated, a few years later, even if you have not suffered with acute thrombosis, or die from acute heart disease, but you may still die of cancer.

I want to ask about patients who are cured after being infected with a virus. So will the S protein also enter the patient’s other cells?

That’s right.

Even though their symptoms disappeared. Their S protein is still in the body. The does they still have sequelae?

That’s right. Theoretically, the S protein will enter the body cell after being infected with the virus or after being vaccinated, so the theoretical result is the same.

Then don’t get the virus or get vaccinated.

Well, number one is prevention, and the second is to avoid getting vaccinated, because the result of getting a vaccine is the same as infection.

I guess that not only can’t get the vaccine, but also make sure not to be infected by people who have been vaccinated. Because theoretically this S protein can be transmitted through body fluids. As for whether it will spread through aerosols, we still don’t know. But in theory, it is possible to spread it through body fluids, such as saliva and blood.

well, this man-made virus is terrible this time, so the CCP must be eliminated. Otherwise, I don’t know what other viruses they will create. So, what Dr. Yan said is that there is not much time left for mankind. This is really the case. Seeing so many people get the vaccine…


The following paper is what I have shared before. Previously, this article only made these speculations, but now they had renewed this original speculations, and now there are real strength cases that prove the original speculations are correct.

This short article was published in the Journal of medical clinical research and reviews

They summarized it. According to reports, the side effects of this vaccine are very high. Not only are there acute, but also cause multiple organ failures and cytokine storms. There are also long-term chronic diseases including neurological degeneration, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and neuromuscular atrophy.

I remembered sharing their analysis earlier. Their analysis is that after one, two or three years, all these problems will gradually surface. If this is the case, it is really a very scary thing.

Okay, the following one is also very new and published on nature

They just said that this virus, this vaccine is very strange, this vaccine can produce autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases caused by vaccines.

What does this mean, that is, look at the picture on the left. I shared with you the results of their animal experiments last time and now the results have appeared in humans.

That is to say, we have received hepatitis B vaccine. Our human body already has T cell antibodies against hepatitis B. we supposed to be immune to hepatitis B, but after the mNRA vaccine is injected, the S protein can activate hepatitis B T cells, which is equivalent to activating a large number of hepatitis B T cells and the hepatitis B cells to kill our liver.

It turned out that it was fine if you didn’t vaccine, but after the vaccine, the hepatitis B virus was activated.

Next page. This paper analyzed that theoretically that look at the title is reaction of human monoclonal antibodies to SARS covid 2 proteins with tissue antigens: implications for auto immune diseases

It should not react with other proteins. But the result, look at the next one. This is an antibody against S protein, so it can react with cells in all organs of our body. You see? This is published in the journal Frontiers of Immunology.

They came to a conclusion based on experimental results.

The following paper was published on cell, and we introduced it to you last week. This is published by a few Japanese scholars. They concluded that the antibodies produced by the vaccine are all igG

Unfortunately, this time this once again proved that the production of this antibody not only can not protect you, but can also produce a serious ADE effect. Their conclusion is correct. See, this is what their experiment has confirmed.

Okay finally. I summarized the acute or long-term chronic pathological damage that S protein can cause.

As for the effect of the genetic DNA integrated into the vaccine on the human body, we can only wait and see, and we will slowly draw conclusions in the future.

What I introduced now is only my own summaries based on the information that has been published in scientific journals and has experimental data that has been concluded.

Speaking of this, it is really pessimistic, but I believe we still have a way.

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I have been searching and researching this time. And many scientists and medical professionals are also constantly looking for ways to cure and prevent this virus

So far, some research methods and drugs are gradually coming out.

I will share with you in our next episode about how to prevent and cure according to what  published drugs, published experimental results and data, we’ll see how we can defend.

Of course, if the Communist Party is eliminated, it is best to let the Communist Party hand over the antidote.

If not, then our current public research now has some gratifying results.

Then in our next episode, I will introduce to you some of the preventive drugs and medication. thank you


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