Watch or Regret – Consequences MNRA Vaccines May Bring to Us – PART1

This is a Simultaneous interpretation of an information session about the consequences that mRNA vaccines may bring to us – first part

This info session is provided by Wen Yi who is a medical doctor and researcher that has over 30 years’ of experience and clinical medical practice in the field of Virus research and human immunity.

This info session is hosted by Beijingren and Qianyecao.

Watch This Or Regret – Consequences mNRA Vaccines May Bring To Us – Part1

This info session is hosted by Beijingren and Qianyecao.

This video only covers some highlight as the original session is over 2 hours. To watch the original session, please click here.

As usual, in the beginning, I’d like to share some papers that published on Nature and Science magazines about the latest results of these researches of the vaccine. Then I’ll also share the latest update of the adverse effect report from CDC and European union.

The first one is from May 23, very new, published on MedRxiv, a very new results, it is that the institute of Washington State, they did collaboration research with many other American medical institutes, include Chicago, the did test on patients especially on those who has received two shots but still infected with the Covid, they did test by separating those patients’  Virus strains in the body, and test the virus strains’ sequence, they did this test in about two month, from February, about 2 month, at that time, not many people received two shots, only their institute received 20 patients that received two shots but infected again, and they found, all of these 20 patients were infected by the virus’s Variant strain, it’s 100%!

They also did the same test on those who only received 1 shot or those did not receive shot at all, the results shows, as you can see, those who received two shots, all infected by the VOC, what is VOC, it means Variant.

We know, around the world, we are all very concerned about the variant, the British variant, india’ variant, and south Africa variant, because these variant’ high transmission, Mortality, so they call these variant VOC, look at the results, it shows, those who got two shots infected with the variant is extremely higher rate than those who received one or non-shot. The conclusion is that this vaccine has no effect at all to stop the Virus Variant!

As you can see, there are two groups, the Breakthrough means all fully vaccine. The control is those non vaccine and those received one shot. So the infection by the Variant is unprecedentedly high that means this vaccine has no protection at all to stop the Variant infection.

So this means, the 2nd shot is the enhanced version of virus infection, right?

It’s fine to understand that way, I mentioned last time, someone from the academia, I can’t recall the dr or the scientist name, anyway, he wrote an open letter and argue that during the pandemic, using this manual intervention by mass vaccination might assist the virus mutant quicker, this number 1, 2nd, I shared a case, which is reported on FOX news, a very wired case, this patient is infected in last March, and was hospitalized in Hartford, later recovered but infected again in July and hospitalized again in Hartford, in there he died after few month, the dr in charge of his case is a Doctor of Epidemiology and he shared in an interview with Fox news, that they separated several Variant of the virus in his body, that means the virus had mutant couple of times already in his body,  in theory, he was infected and supposed to have the antibody and the immutable T cells produced, but because of the defective or flawed antibody and T cells, instead, they actually boosted the mutant of the virus.

This happened on all those 4 type of vaccine or only one type of vaccine?

Well, since this report from Washington State, and in that time, not many people got two shots, so I’d think in America most are Pfizer or Moderna, because AstraZeneca was approved very late.

You mentioned couple of variant, also mentioned double variant from India, then what kind of variant the India has? It might combined with the British or South Africa

Let me explain in a simply way, look at this image again, left side all those numbers, such as B 117, B 1427,  those are all represents S protein.

This paper is published in May on Nature, it is a summary based on few other papers about the impact of vaccines on virus Variant.

After reviewing those papers, they summarized that, from the serum of patients who received the vaccine, especially the mNRA type of vaccine, in theory, the serum should contain the antibody of that S protein, right, so they use that antibody to test the antigen antibody response with all those Variant,

ok, let’s see, so in theory, the serum has the antibody, and should Neutralizes with the virus, so to kill the virus, and this is the ideal expectation, but unfortunately, no matter which Variant the serum tested with, this antibody almost has to zero neutralization with the variant, that means, this antibody has no protection against the variant, but since the paper is published on Nature magazine, the author Very vaguely expressed by using very professional terms that the public cannot understand, but we can understand, we can see through, what percentage and so, No effect is no effect. Then they also vaguely said, well there might be memorable function T cells that might have protection effect, sheer nonsense!

We learned from last session, that the T cells is Closely related to cytokine storm, after you injected this vaccine, it actually stimulate this T cells that it release large amount of the cytokines that cause severe damage of our organ system, in this paper, although they didn’t make any clear conclusion, it clearly stated Neutralizing activity is zero, and they put a question mark to memorable T cells, therefor no responsibility for this.

Wen yi, your focus is quite different than those famous you tubers, the public most focus on the vaccine side effect, how many death or disables, but your analyze not only focus on those side effect/death, you also analyze the variant and gene, so more thorough.

Ok, let me bring this image again, the variant, it is this longer bump; it is this area the virus mutant.

Correct, in normal understanding, neutralization is like combining acid and alkali, here, the neutralization is the Antigen antibody response, so why the neutralization wasn’t appear in the serum?

My understanding is number 1, after injection, is there any neutralized antibody produced by the vaccine? Can it stimulate your body to produce the neutralized antibody? We never know, right?

Number 2, is the antibody produced actually neutralization antibody? That means, even if there is antibody produced, if it’s not the neutralization antibody, it’ll have no effect to the virus, no matter the virus is variant or not.

What exactly it produced, we don’t know!

Wow, what exactly this vaccine has, we don’t know, it’s terrible!

So we’ll talk about this vaccine, what consenguences it brings us today and in our next episode.

Next paper, this is published on Cells by some Japanese scientists, in this paper, they said, the antibody produced, no matter is from infection or from the vaccine, look at the image, the right side, the host cell surface, we know, have the ACE2, the Angiotensin, right? the bottom is Covid 2 and it’s S protein, what is RBD, it is the combination between S protein and ACE2, originally, THE rbd is not easy to combine with the ace2, like the left image shows, let’s look at the right image, the antibody, is the purple one, this antibody is very easy to combine with the N side of the S protein, see? This way, when they combine, it’s like umbrella the form a bridge chain, to allow the RBD easily combined with the ACE 2 of the host cell, therefor allow the S protein connect to the ACE2 and enter into the host cell.

This ADE function is never seen before in the history, as we knew, the ADE function must involve the FC receptor to achieve, but this antibody can directly achieve this type of ADE function without FC receptor’s involvement. This is unprecedented!

This means, when you have this antibody, it can boost the virus to combine with any cell in our blood serum as long as there is ACE2, not necessarily to have to combine with FC receptor in serum. This result is so shocking!

This result is come from their lab test; I don’t want to share their lab test data as it’s too long and too professional. And this paper is published on Cells magazine which is also high reputational magazine like nature.

Look at their conclusion, they had four

First, they said SARS-Covid 2 can be enhanced and independent of FC receptor. we mentioned before that it must combine with FC receptor but this one is not need it, as long as there is ACE2, we know ACE2 is almost exist in all of our cell’s surface. This is more terrified, right?

Number 2, the area that the binding happened is easier and better

Number 3 is that this antibody can produce the bridge function

Number 4 this enhanced effect is appear in the test of all those severed covid19 patients

This is published in May, and during these time, we all undergoing the learning process include me, and this is I never know before. What I knew is that the all need the FC receptor in order to bind but this doesn’t need FC receptor and it’s completely unprecedented.

So is this antibody is to protect us or harm us? Is this antibody good or bad?

If the Medical professionals and scientist still based on the traditional theory and knowledge about the virus to treat this virus, then we’ll Pay a great price! Because all our theory and knowledge now is completely Subverted!

Ok, some of our audience ask what is ACE2, let me explain in a simple way, ACE2 is Angiotensin/Invertase, look at the red ones are those have no Angiotensin/ Invertase,  as you can see, a lot of our organs has Angiotensin, Invertase.

Correct, if this antibody has this type of enhanced effect for virus to enter, then we don’t need it at all.

The bad thing is that this type of antibody can be produced by both infection and vaccine as long as its against the S protein, it’ll produce this type of enhanced effect antibody.

Now the following is as usual, I’ll share the CDC report update, as you can see, until May 24, US had total of 285 million vaccines were administrated, they receive 4863 report of death directly from receiving the vaccine.

This page is from drug adverse report system from European union, this is from Pfizer, as you can see, the number of death, the age, and the sever illness after receiving the vaccine, the severe side effect almost involved all of our organ system, Cardiovascular System, Blood system, lymphatic system and so on.

The purple one represent the sever which means it’s permanently cannot recoverable.

The orange/red one represent not sever.

Look at the bar, we can see that almost 1 or 2 3rd are the sever ones. Very high rate1

Even WHO themselves last week admitted that the actual death might be 3times of what officially reported. That’s what the WHO official statistic report said. Not what I said.

We can image how much this vaccine can harm us!

Ok this page is the report about Moderna, until May 22, similarly, as the image illustrated, the death and the damage to the nerve system, the Deafness and blindness caused by the vaccine.

Due to the time, I didn’t find the report about AstraZeneca because now it was already banned. So I only share the data for Pfizer and Moderna, just to be clear, these numbers are all form the CDC’s official site, not what we made up.

Ok, this Summary report is also recently published by two researcher from MIT and other institutes, they summarized based on papers that was published in the past couple of month about research of Covid 19.

This report have more than 40 pages, and it Referenced dozens of published documents. I’ll based on this report to share what their findings and viewed along with my learnings, in maybe two episode to tell everyone that what the catastrophic consequence this vaccine might bring to us.

Next page, the author summarized total 8 areas that are unprecedented about this vaccine. So what are they?

Number 1, first time to inject the PEG into human body. PEG is polyethylene glycol. It is a chemical I’ll share later

2nd, first using mRNA vaccine technology to fight infectious disease

3, it’s the first time that a company like Moderna bring harmful material into the market and to human body

4. the first time the public officer telling the public to expect adverse reaction when receiving vaccine. We all know the vaccine shouldn’t have adverse reaction, we expect the medications to have adverse effect but not vaccine, right? or we would never have our new born baby to receive vaccine, right?

5. the first time to implement a medical solution without sufficient clinical data support

6. the first time to promote a vaccine without clear purpose that if it’s to stop the transmission, to prevent infection or reduce death. We don’t know, there is no clear concept to the public

7. coronavirus is not a virus that never exist, we often encountered this virus, like normal cold is caused by coronavirus, more sever one is SARS that was 20 years ago, and MERS also is about few years ago, but we never be able to successfully developed a coronavirus vaccine. And this is the first coronavirus vaccine that is used in human.

8. first time to inject a genetically modified polynucleotides in human body, never happen before, this mass injection to the population with modified gene, we don’t know how it’ll change our Genetic code.

So all these are unprecedented.

As far as I know, to develop a vaccine, the Initial experiment preparation would take more than 2 to 3 years. Not include clinical trial, after initial preparation trail then followed with phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trial, it’ll take at least 10 years. This virus we know only 1 and half year, the vaccine development cannot even finish the initial preparation phase,

Correct, so the author question the legitimacy of the rapid implementation of vaccines by governments at all levels. They ask the government what right do you have to promote this emergency use.

Number2, this mRNA technology is not yet mature, there is lots of unresolved issue, to implement this immature technology into human body, they explained from several aspects and I’ll share later as well as my own opinion.

Number 3  this S protein will cause acute and chronic long-term pathological damage, I’ll share the findings next episode

Next, the shed protein is potentially infectious

And more, mRNA Integrated into the vaccine’s genes, there is unpredictable effects

Last, mRNA integrated into human’ germ cells, what type of impact on human’s offspring

We don’t know

All these questions are not randomly thoughts, all are supported by experiments and data, I’ll share some today and in our next episode as well

Now let’s discus the first two about the legitimacy of the rapid implementation of vaccines by governments, and the mRNA technology

The more I hear, the more I am terrified. And I want to ask, what the authority for the government to implement the medical vaccine? Do they know the medical sciences? Just like beijingren mentioned earlier, all the vaccine needs more than 10 years development, but from the pandemic outbreak, until now it’s only 1 and half year, but now so many people hurried to get the vaccine, we know many country has over 50% of their population vaccinated. Many are proud of being vaccinated. I really think this world is totally crazy,

Right, so we need to spread the message out, inform the public what these paper tells,  let them know this vaccine is not good, and it’s terrible and even evil. That’s exactly why we have this session here.

Ok, so why the author question? Because in this very short period of time, it is unreasonable to implement the vaccine, why, because in this paper which is published in 2018 and the project was funded by Bill Gates foundation and WHO. The project, they went through various evaluations, and their conclusion is and they clearly stated, let’s put aside the cost which is very expensive for research on vaccine, let’s just look at the time see how long it needs for developing a brand new vaccine, let’s first see the very basic and simple traditional vaccine,

which is based on mature theory and technology and path, but even for this very simple vaccine, it needs Preliminary strain screening, animal experiment, energy test and so on, you cannot skip a single step to save time. You see it all needs over 3 years for its preclinical test. Plus different phases of clinical test, for a very simple and basic vaccine it needs over 10 years’ time.

 This is according to  WHO and it’s their conclusion. It needs 10 years before implement  to the public, now only 1 year they promote and implement the vaccine, where is the legitimacy?

Look, the successful rate about 1st and 2nd phase clinical trial rate is very low. That’s why the ads virus has been known for more than 40 years but even now we couldn’t develop a vaccine simply because they cannot complete all these trails/tests, since during the phase 1 or phase 2 clinical trials they always have many issues so eventually fail…

Now, this paper, I recall I mentioned last time, his name is Peter Doshi, and he is an editor and pharmaceutical professor at Maryland School of Pharmacy.

He published an article in last Dec, and he include Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and China’s kexin and etc, he made a detail analyze of the Preliminary experimental data for all these vaccines, he questioned that, your experiment data did not give any valid conclusions on stop transmission, whether or not reduce death, or reduce hospitalization, no any valid conclusion. He published an articles right away,  afterwards, he published few open letters, so it is not that we don’t have conscientious scientists, it’s their voices cannot be heard.

Next page, in both his Jan and Feb report, he use the report data that Pfizer and Moderna provided to FDA, and question the “95%” of efficient rate. and he found in their report, as you can see, in Pfizer’s report, in their 3 phases clinical trial, look at the highlight, they total tested about 40000 people, they confirmed 170 Covid infection case, the split, and about 8 cases is from vaccine group, so their conclusion is their protection rate is 95%.

But in the report Pfizer provided to FDA, Doshi found that they excluded 3410 cases as suspected. They said it’s suspected as those people has very similar clinical symptom, but they excluded them in their calculation. Just like what CCP did in Wuhan, right, first you must have been to the seafood market, 2nd the Nucleic acid testing must be positive, 3rd you must have symptom. Right, so CCP did that, now Pfizer and Moderna did it too. They purposely excluded more than 3000 patients for the excuse that their Nucleic acid testing is negative! So they only confirm 170 patients, since only 6 infected patients were from the vaccinated group so the protection rate is 95%! But as you can see the highlighted, they also mentioned about 1594 occurred in the vaccine group and 1816 in the placebo group, and these two numbers has no statistical significance. So is this result fake?

He also mentioned FDA and CDC Know well.

So I’d like to tell all the audience and everyone, I put the link here, hope you all download this fact sheet from FDA and CDC official website.  It’s the document from their own official website. They put a fact sheet as early as the vaccine just released, shows that I told you.

If your employer, or your doctor force or urge you to get the vaccine, then you can show this to them as it’s written very clear that the vaccine may not protect everyone, it really means it protect nobody!

So I leave the link here for you to download,

Ok, go take a screenshot, see they have No responsibility because I told you

Same statement from Moderna, same! see, there is NO FDA approved vaccine so it’s all your responsibility. They are very clear what they are doing, they just put this in a place that is very difficult to find for the public. The public don’t know about this, how and where they can know?

Right, so I was very angry when I saw this, few days ago I persuaded a women who is pregnant and her doctor keep telling her to get the vaccine, she doesn’t want so I tell her to bring this to the doctor and ask if the doctor can sign and take the responsibility then she get or leave me alone.

Ok, now let’s move into the 2nd part of the mNRA technology since it’s very immature.

Here I’d like to briefly introduce its Theoretical basis.

At the top the longest line is CCP virus mRNA sequence. The highlighted circle portion area is the Nucleic Acid Gene that modify S protein. The Nucleic Acid Gene is the line at the bottom, and this image is taken from Dr Yan’s report.

I’m not going to talk too detail as it’s too profession

Almost 50% of this gene sequence was manually modified by CCP. And it has more than 4000 clip, let’s look back this image, what is RNA chain, it’s the inside circle chain, that’s the RNA chain, when amplified, it’s like this. Each of those small dot, is a clip.

So all these over 4000 clip we can test as there is equipment which can easily test after you get sample and capture the gene sequence and data results from the computer,

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Well, look at the Ordinate represent Nucleic acid similarity, they compared CCP virus with all those coronavirus, zhoushan bat virus has the most similar gene sequence with this COVID CCP virus, meanwhile, compared with Zhousan bat virus, for its S protein portion, this COVID CCP virus has not even reached 60% of similarity. that means, almost 50% of the S protein was manually modified.

So after test, we can get this S protein’s gene clip sequence, it is very accurate and comes from computer, then at this time, the gene sequence can then be manually edited.

So that 5’ UTR is the initial code and through the gene code translation process to Synthety the protein. So eventually it’ll be translated to different code and the sequence then be changed and the clip then be modified and entered into human cell, since it’s manually modified so in order to bind with human’s biological cell well, they have to package it into Escherichia coli, through the Escherichia coli cell division, to get huge amount of duplication of this mRNA. Because the Escherichia coli cell is low cost and it’s super easy and high efficient on its division and duplication so they use it to produce the lots of mRNA copy.

The problem is that the process of Purify and split has been always the biggest challenge for this mRNA technology. This technology is not new it has been discovered for more than 20 years. But because of the instability of the mRNA, the purify and split process becomes very difficult.

So how can you guarantee that the mRNA you use in your vaccine is the one that our human body needs? How can we ensure its quality control to approve this mRNA is pure and useful? And how can we test? No, never, as so far we don’t have this technology! So it can’t monitor.

Ok, let’s assume and suppose it is the pure and accurate one, it also needs to be packed into the Nanoparticles, and the Nanoparticles has its own issues which I’ll share the details later.

Ok audience questions, seems lot of us cannot catch up, let me explain in a simple way.

we are talking about this like mRNA’s messenger, and it’s components, we said it has 4 parts.

The 5 UTR is starter or Launcher, the middle longer part is the transmission, 3UTR is termination code, and the poly A tail is Stabilize tail, so all 4 parts makes a messenger RNA, and pack it into nanoparticles, and inject into human body, so this is the process.

Now we’ve talked the basics of the mRNA vaccine, let’s talk this technology,

This is published on March 10 this year on British journal, in this article, it says EMA, EMA is  European Medicines agency,  it says EMA’s Covid 19 data leak, from their leaked Covid 19 data, it clearly indicated that this mRNA is very unstable. Did you see it? Let’s put aside of its effect, it may harm us. Ok let’s continue.

This article is an investigation article it says no matter which brand of the vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna, about more than 50% of the mRNA inside the nanoparticles is incomplete, in other words, is defective.

Ok, my understanding is, this mRNA, we talked about earlier, contains 4 parts, and since it’s instability, after warp it and packed into the  nanoparticles, the results also instable therefor the product’s pass rate is not even 50%, and this type of unqualified product then is injected into our human body.  So let’s put aside of whether or not the vaccine is effect, even qualified product even cannot exceed 50%.

Correct, this is from the leaked document of their own official source.

Further, this author has phoned the EMA,  FDA, and CDC, he also phone our Canadian government health department, he also consulted with Pfizer and Moderna company, you know what? all these organizations and companies refuse to answer, all for the same reason, that is Trade secret.

Is trade secret more important than human gene modification? These people are evil

So the author reviewed all those leaked documents, through their encounter with those authorities, it is clear that at least they didn’t deny of the contents of the documents. They knew those are unqualified product. They knew the concerns.

Now, let’s look at what exactly this nanoparticle is, according to Pfizer and Moderna as well as many other authority’s official source, its ingredients are listed at the right side, you see.

Almost all of them are chemical composition. Honestly I don’t know all of them so just list there so if someone familiar with Chemistry then would know what they are. You can see there is cholesterol, as well as some electrolyte, most are synthetic lipid products.

Next page is from Moderna, see, they also listed at the right side, remember the author mentioned PEG, the first time to inject PEG into human body. PEG is a chemical stuff called Polyethylene glycol. And the SM102 is a kind of chemical stuff that from its production guidebook it says DO NOT use it into organism body.

Here I’d like to introduce two scientists, the one at the top is from Germany who is a very influential medical scientist and political scientist, the other is from British and he had done interview in Bannon’s war room and he used to be the VP of the Pfzer group not only that, he was also the technical director in charge of respiratory diseases, like a chief scientist. Both of them are very influential scientist.

They send an urgent petition letter in Dec 12th last year; they called for Stop of the vaccinations!

But obviously, this petition was not successful.

In their petition, they pointed out 3 aspects that it needs to Stop the vaccination, see at that time they’ve already identified 3 issues:

First is, they pointed the vaccine contains PEG, since most of us we have lots of anti-PEG cells in our body so once this vaccine injected, we never know how our body would response and it may cause sever inflammation response and it shouldn’t be used in human.

Audience ask then why use PEG, because without PEG, the nanoparticle can’t be produced.

Correct, at that time, we didn’t know S protein issue, but only for the nanoparticle, they found 3 problems.

2nd, they pointed that the vaccine contains nNeonGreen, which is a kind of Luciferin, exist in only those invertebrates in the deep sea. We never know what it can cause in human body.

3rd, is that the protein contains the Syncytin-1 which is homologous to human germ cells, and if this is injected into human body and it might cause human permanent infertility.

So based on these three points, these two scientists called for a stop of the vaccine but their petition was unsuccessful.

All this is unpredictable, so what price the human beings will pay, only time knows.

Ok, at last, let me share another paper, it’s also published recently, from this paper, they’ve already tested, due to misreading of the protein synthesis, the mRNA then heavily altered therefor we never know what type of the immune reaction and antibody production it might trigger…

So terrible

Ok, next time we are going to talk about the S protein, let’s suppose the mNRA is perfect, once it produced the S protein, what the damage this S protein will bring to us.

We know there are more and more papers published so it’ll help us to understand better.

Thank you

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