Public Misunderstanding About Covid19 Vaccine and Its Antibody

This is a Simultaneous interpretation of an information session about the basic principle of the vaccine and public misunderstanding about it. This info session is provided by Wen Yi who is a medical doctor and researcher that has over 30 years’ of experience and clinical medical practice in the field of Virus research and human immunity.

Public misunderstanding about Covid Vaccine and its Antibody

This video only covered part of it as the original session is over 2 hours. To watch the original video please click here

Friend Wen Yi, please introduce what you are going to talk about today. 

OK now, today I’d like to focus on about the basic knowledge and the characteristic about of the antibodies. Also I’d like to analyze and share the difference between this CCP virus vaccine and the normal vaccine based on its character and its principle.

I will share some of the literature that is published recently on various magazines and I only share the title and the date and will leave the detail to our next episode to discuss what the vaccine bring to us and what the harm it can cause to our human body.

In order to better understand the efficient of the vaccine, I will mainly tell the antigen and antibody today to see how it work and what is the characteristic so we will understand better.

Before we dive into the content I’d like to first share a paper that was published on the very famous medical magazine lancet magazine and it is the latest paper, see it’s dated on May 12. 

So our Canadian government said if you received your first shot AstraZeneca then when you book for the second shot if there is no AstraZeneca available then no worry you can get the Pfizer instead, or if your first shot is Pfizer and then the second shot if no Pfizer available then you can get the Montana and you don’t need to worry about that.

This is very shock to me even our health minister made that statement publicly as well as main stream media like a CBC also promote it the same way. 

But very unfortunately this paper clearly shows that many doctors and scientists specialist made some follow up did lots of research by following up with all the people that receive the two shots with different brand of the vaccine.

They divided the group of people into two different group according to the source of the vaccine The results clearly indicated that if you received the vaccine from different brand, if you receive the vaccine of this CCP virus comes from different brand for your first and second shot, it’ll have way more significant adverse reaction and clinical site effect than those who receive the two shots in the same brand.

Do you have any questions?

So friends clear now? Did you get it? That means when you receive two shots from different brand has more damage than that you received two shots from the same brand.

I have a question, we know there are three type of vaccine based on its craft, 1st one is Inactivate, 2nd is Nanoion, and the 3rd is Linear. Those are called a Viral vector.

If you mix the injection, let’s see if you inject the same type of a vaccine even though the brand is different, then the outcome and which outcome would be worse, this or those got a different type of vaccine? I just want to ask and find out how to tell the differences.

Oh good question and I think that the main difference is that em I’d think next episode we are going to discuss in more detail and to analyze in more detail about the difference, today I believe after I explained what’s the basic fundamental knowledge about the antigen, antibodies and how it works then you would have a better understanding about it and would get the answer

Because different manufacture when they made the vaccine even though it’s the same type, they’ll add different ingredients and then if one mess up during that the procedure and the envelope of the vaccine it’s different right? Different manufacture the core ingredient they add could not 100% be the same, right?

So if it cannot be 100% the same

Then it’s possible that the differences can results in crossover effect that we potentially never know.

After I talk about antibodies that may help everyone to better understanding so you might came to the same conclusion.

Now the 2nd paper, also published in the Lancet magazine, you see the author used a clause that “elephant in the room” which means the issue is so obvious.

Why so many people still argue about such obviously issue?

In this paper they provided all the clinic results of all these CCP-virus vaccine and it’s crystal clear that, no matter the vaccine is from Europe Asia China or from US, all come to the same results that is protection rate is relative protection only. Understand?

So it means its protection and effectiveness of the vaccine is relative only. Not guaranteed.

So this type of relative protection only becomes useless.

Correct this relative protection rate is actually meaningless and useless in terms of the standard protection rate.

Scientists and doctors are all very clear about it and they all knew about this

Oh just to be clear, this is not what I said this is what the paper said and it’s based on sufficient statistic data to get that conclusion, based on the current vaccine their efficiency protection, the highest rate is only about 1%. If anyone interested you can read this paper on your own to find out.

This relative protection rate is like purely a numbers game. 

Wow only 1% is that means it’s completely useless to use this vaccine? Correct

So I can conclude that all this vaccine thing it’s just a scam? Correct

Well now our audience is not that clear about the absolute protection and relative protection let me explain what’s absolute protection and relative protection in a simple way

What she mentioned the relative protection comes from mathematic calculation by using mathematics statistics. But the absolute protection for example if they put me into the hospital that is full of Covid19 patients for a week but I still not get infected and that means it’s absolute protection. That’s my understanding.

So that type of a relative protection is that, see some vaccine they claim they have over 90% of protection. Now let’s put this way and you know the whole world the population is 7 billion, and the infected people is about over 0.1 billion that means the infection rate it’s about 2 to 3% and this means even if you don’t receive any vaccine or not take any medication the infection rate it’s the same 2 to 3% so if as they claimed their vaccine protection rate is 90% which means the infection rate would be much lower. And all this means to me that regardless you receive the vaccine, the outcome of the infection rate it’s the same. 

All right yeah he explained very well. This so-called relative protection rate means even though you don’t receive any vaccine the infection rate it’s still the same which means they are completely playing the number game and this paper clearly indicated that! this is not what I said it’s this paper said you know the Lancet magazine it’s a very high reputation and lots of its paper posted by high profile and high reputation scientists and doctors researchers.

Now I’ll share with you another paper so this paper is published on the international Journal of vaccine theory, practice and research. It’s also newly published .

In this paper they even mentioned that receiving vaccine may bring even more harm to human body than not receiving it.

This paper is very lengthy and its mainly focus on the brand of Pfizer and Moderna that based on mRNA vaccine.

They did completely analyze and research about these two type of vaccine and I will share my findings in more detail in my in the next episode about what the conclusion they came up.

If you’re interesting you can read this paper first.

In this paper they analyzed about what the ingredient of the vaccines and what type of impact those ingredients itself to our human body.

And this is another paper which is come from Israel people committees report. As we all know in Israel they have a highest vaccine receiving rate in the world almost all of their people received the vaccine right? 

In this paper they listed very detail complete research result and report about the

According to this paper it said this Pfizer vaccine possibly can damage each single organ in our human body.

 This is it not only come from Israel scientist, in fact, I will share some more papers that comes from European scientist as well and you will be shocked to see the same numbers and results.

I will also use this paper to explain more in detail in my next episode. 

OK this paper is published in the frontiers immunology magazine you see it’s published very recently as you can see online in May 23 therefore formal paper is not published yet this is only online version.

It shows this vaccine includes all kinds of the Pfizer or Madonna vaccine how it can cause our human body’s different organ permanently damage and completely change our immune system which result in a lifetime miserable as the damage is not recoverable.

As we know if our own immune system get damaged this type of disease cannot be cured. 

Well Let’s put this way traditionally when you infected by virus, you will naturally develop the natural antibodies to this virus and you will be naturally be immured by this virus. Just like when we in our childhood if we had measles then we don’t have to get a vaccine because we already immune to the disease right.

So if you already infected by a virus then what’s the necessity to have to receive the vaccine? If you receive the vaccine again it will cause some ACE effect which I will share in my next episode in more detail that’s number one

Number two if you didn’t get infected then you receive the vaccine like I mentioned earlier that we expect our body to develop the antibody to this virus, right, but this virus has very different antigen and different characteristic than normal virus and it may have more severe symptom when you infect the next time, and this vaccine has potentially impact to our offspring in which I will share the detail in my next episode.

Now let me share another paper that has some statistics about Death after receiving the vaccine.

Until last week in US they have total close to point 3 billion people that have received the vaccine. Last week there are more than 200 death increased. So total more than 4670 death after receiving vaccine.

Next page,  this is from European system, as you can see until May 8,  the centre received more than 405,000 cases about vaccine side effect, and among that they had more than 10 Thousand death reported!

Ok, I think maybe I can introduce some medication next episode that might be helpful to fight this pandemic

Now let’s continue about this an adverse reaction report that comes from European Union about Pfizer vaccine.

This is a very detailed report about the reaction after receive this vaccine 

As you can see, the first one is the blood and Lymph system 

Look at the report I highlighted in red which indicate the damage to those respective organs and systems 

As you can see, there is significant number of report about damage to each of our body’s system, the cardiac reaction, stomach system, or intestines digestive tract, Lymph, thymus and nerve system, all has significant number of death that directly connected to the vaccine!

Another finding is that some people that have already received the vaccine but shows symptom again and tested them are infected again!

So this is all come from the European report as we can see this vaccine can damage to our human body and for each single organ system that it can cause catastrophe to each single organ system in our human body!

Thanks for your effort to research and read so many papers and I’ll tell our audience that these papers it’s not from before not outdated and it’s all from recent research

Well yes yeah I spent lots of time reading and finding in all these papers because normally ordinary people they won’t spend time to find it and even doctors or as this needs time and efforts and so many doctors physicians are working extremely hard and super busy that they couldn’t have that time to find it.

What I hope is to bring everybody’s awareness and tell everyone that this numbers is not joke, each number represent a life.

OK let’s review the other paper OK this one is about Astra Zeneca. As you can see it’s also pretty much the same results compared with Pfizer. Same catastrophe results.

OK next one this is it it’s from Johnson Johnson , from this report as we can see even one month’s we can see the it’s adverse reaction cost of deaths it’s not low it’s also surprisingly high.

Similarly it causes each organ system damage it’s pretty much a similar as those we mentioned previously as Pfizer

OK let’s see the next one is the report about Mordana and we can see it’s also pretty similar and the damage it’s in the Blood system and digesting stomach system and nervous system there is also many report about those who infect the virus after receive the vaccine and caused some death.

So in summary all these type of vaccines can cause very severe damage to our human body and also you can get infected again by the virus, and it also cause death!

This picture I believe everybody has already been very familiar with it right

Correct I need to constantly bring it up for everybody to remember that this virus has so many traps even it looks very beautiful

Let’s recap, from this image so at least we know this virus has at least five types of protein S1 protein, S2 protein, N protein, M protein, and E protein in its structure. Five type of protein right

OK then now let’s move to next.

So we have already talked about this virus. This virus enter into human body in order to Duplicate itself it needs to produce and develop many of its accessory or component protein. The accessory protein serves the purpose to allow it to produce its core structure protein as well as its Nucleic Acid. Right? Not sure if you understand?

OK let me explain in simple way as a Wen yi what she said is too professional to understand by lots of our audience so let me try explain it in a simple way 

So this image, I believe that everyone has already been familiar with it.

This longest Bump is what we called the S protein,

The yellow one the smaller shorter one is E protein which can penetrate the blood vessel.

The inside circle chain is the RNA chain, there is DNA chain which a normal virus has, but for this CCP COVID 19 virus it has RNA chain instead of DNA chain, this means, when the virus enter into the human body,  it quickly dissolve the outer shell such as the S protein and E protein only left the RNA chain, if you catch up, then next let’s see this image.

So in this image, the mother chain is the chain that entered into human body’s cell, and once it entered, it start to duplicate itself by using our human body’s own cells or energy to produce and duplicate itself, kind of like it find its host and build its nest and grow itself.

During this time, the RNA of the virus start to combine itself with our body’s host cell ribosome,

This host cell ribosome is the place to produce protein, and it produces a special protein called RNA protein. This RNA protein only serves to duplicate the RNA child chain. As you can see, the child chain and the mother chain is not completely match, instead, they are complementary each other.

The CCP virus its RNA is single chained, so it is extremely easy to mutant, not like those double chain protein which is a lot harder to mutant.

Wenyi, do you think of what I explained makes sense?

Oh good, yes at least I can understand

So when we talk about that virus, well, I am little concern for our audience specially the first time listener to understand this so I draw some pictures to illustrate a bit for you to understand.

So this is the process

So this is how and the process it entered to human body. Look, when you see that bump the virus’ proteins, it combine itself with ACE2 aka Angiotensin of the human body. Together in this way the virus can easily enter into human’s body.

It’s like a key and the lock relationship in which when you have a certain key then you can unlock a certain lock.

In this case the key is the combination of the ACE2 and S protein so it can unlock and enter into the human body.

Why we need to use the vaccine? The purpose of the vaccine is target on this S protein to stop it. it’s like the next image, its like to put a cover on the head of the key so the key cannot work.

But now since the virus can quickly mutant, so the original cover that works on the S protein becomes useless after the Sprotein changed, right? so it means, after the mutant, the vaccine cannot efficiently stop the S protein, and we never know how many shots we should get in order to stop those different S protein, right? You can’t just keep getting shots!

That means even there is no side effect at all, the current vaccine cannot catch the speed of the virus mutant and therefore not be useful at all.

Ok, so we had mentioned earlier that this virus has 5 type of structure protein, right?

And during the virus synthesis it produce many of its own accessory proteins, so far currently we know that during the synthesis process the virus can produce 30 type of protein.

Suppose if during the process, if cell rupture happened, then all these type of protein would then be released to all over the blood cells. Since this protein is outsider, we call it antigen, which means there will be 30 type of antigen during the process, and each antigen will form an antibody. I don’t know if I explained clear?

Oh sorry to interrupt us so some audience might not understand what it’s antigen so in the simple is that anything that can stimulate your body to have an immune response and we’ll call it as antigen.

Correct and among all these antigens it’s the protein type antigen is the strongest one.

So in theory during the process, it can stimulate our body to produce about 30 type of antigen therefor produce 30 type of a different antibody.

OK let’s look at this image

The virus enters into our bodies through the respiratory path, like our nose and mouse and then enters into our lungs. Alveoli

There are two type of cells in the Alveoli and each one has a has ACE2 that type of angiotensin like that image two shows it a star to a duplicate itself and during the duplicate process our body is start to respond like responding to SOS a message and to inform that there is intruders, at the same time will release lots of cytokines and send a message to call out for help so our immune cells would start to react and close to it, meanwhile, the Immune cells contains lots of acidic or alkaline that can kill the bacteria. This is about our immune system’s nature protection.

So the image number three as you can see these cells started it to duplicate and produce many small cells of itself and started to swallow the intruder.

The process the cells to swallow this virus cells we call it antigen fractionation or refining process.

We must know when it’s released their Acidic or alkaline ion its double blade sword

It means when they eat and kill the virus at the same time it also kills some of our own healthy organs cells.

During this process there is some damage we normally call it inflammation some symptoms like a fever cough sneeze and runny nose these type of a clinic symptom

So the process of the cells to swallow the virus we call this antigen Fractionation or refining process.

Dr. Yan’s first report indicated this zhoushan bat virus that in it’s RNA structure or skeleton chain,  there is more than 80% of similarity between this zhoushan bat virus and the CCP COVID 19 virus,

but to surprise, the S protein of the virus, their similarity is not more than 60% , that means that almost 50% of the gene sequence has intentionally  modified!

We never know what’s modified and moreover, we cannot see and what type of animal gene was added into it what’s the ingredient what type of a gene sequence was used.

Oh friend Wen can I understand this way let’s see in this picture, the inside that chain, in most case it is the inside RNA chain to determine the outside S protein outside right, but the CCP virus is different, somehow they manually modified the outside S protein and on purposely added modified it without changing the inner RNA chain.

So just like a what Dr. Yan mentioned Marlic, they, they purposely changed to sequenced for only two E protein and then the virus changed completely.

I have a question so this type of mutant is this mutant caused by nature that the virus developed itself based on its outside environment or the mutant was purposely designed that way?

Well, depends on different type of human gene and population density, it’s possible that the virus can mutant itself when entering into different human gene body. It can modify itself during its duplication process, however, this needs time.

According to Dr. yens report this virus when it’s started to test using animal, after injected to a group, there is for sure more than one mutant.

When it invade the human system during its process, it’s also possible the virus produce mutant just like what happened in India that with big population density. especially when humans each individual‘s gene system is completely different so the mutant can be pretty fast. It’s not very clear and it’s hard to see as this is still very new…so in theory, everything is possible.

A question about like a how can the transmission rates could be so high? Is that they designed that way?  

This has been already mentioned and disclosured by Dr. Saline and Dr. Yan, according to their report, the scientist Chin Chuan who worked in the animal lab that under PLA control, that

They use human gene rats, those has been added human gene in their body, the lab select many of these type of rats and did test to see the virus mutant, and which ever cause the death quicker indicates the strength of the virus and they separate that virus from rats body and inject the selected virus again to another group of rats, by doing this type of test over and over again, since the virus has combined with rat’s ACE protein very well, that’s why when the virus is released to human it transmitted magically quick!

Wow, unfortunately all this technology and skills comes from the western country like European and US but the west didn’t realize the consequence that the advanced technology fall into the wrong hand. They don’t know how evil the CCP is.

OK let’s continue, so this is the structure of these antigen antibodies as you can see each type of protein is different.

As you can see by the coloured different and six colour and each represent different antigen. Like what we mentioned earlier, we only need one type of antigen, which is the S protein,

Since this virus can produce 30 type of proteins, and each type they have its own antigen so that means even though we only need one type of antigen, since it produced 30 type of antigens it can cause our body’s immune system confusing and in the very bad situation.

Let me repeat again OK so in originally the virus enter into human body by these ACE2 combine with S protein, but since our human body there are lots of other organ system don’t have the ACE., such as lymph or thymus, which are our strong immune system organ, so the virus was not able to enter our immune system organ, but since the combination with the antigen, the antigen act as a key and opened our immune system.

It’s a function like instead of stopping the virus at outside; it actually brings the virus into the immune system,

So when our immune system was damaged and then we have no immune ability at all. Similar as HIV case, the HIV is to destroy all the human body’s immune system so people would die in this situation.

OK let’s continue so our antigen system. There are five type of antibodies our human blood system the main antigen is igG. 

IgA is antigen that exists in our respiratory tract or mucosal system. We know most of time the virus enter to our body is through respiratory system and mucosal system, so we need the IgA antigen to protect, but unfortunately that the vaccine doesn’t have this IgA antigen which we need the most, instead it has a IgG. Which means this vaccine cannot protect us from infect if the virus attack our respiratory system and mucosal system.

Let’s take a look at this image so in the normal condition when you get the first shot or first initial infection, in the normal situation, about in three days or our body would have some

immune system would have some reaction until the seventh and the seventh day which is the highest reaction response but soon after this response would decline so that’s why the first shot the immune response it’s very slight and it won’t last long enough and then once again this image first image shows this is a normal response I thought human body.

That why we need to have second shot in order to stimulate the immune response and to make it stronger last longer so we normally would take the second shot within 2 to 4 weeks’ timeline .

Now we heard about the government said oh you can take the second shot after three months so I really doubt how could they say that possible because our humans immune memory is short is not that long. It’s useless after three months to get your second shot because there is nothing in it anymore and it couldn’t boost your body’s memory cell so I really think those type of statement is irresponsible. I think it’s a cheat to the public

This is only in based on my own experience as a doctor and based on the principle of the immunology.

So in this picture 2, it’s about the immune logical memory , as you can see this red line is the IgM cell and the first shot and the second shot their reaction it’s pretty much the same memorable function and it does not last long.

But the IgG it’s quite different, it’s when you get the second shot they can produce lots of a memorable function cell which is called B cell. Also it can last for very long time.

Similar like that for example measles vaccine that we normally received when we were in childhood and that can last forever for the whole lifetime right?

it’s because our body has already had this memorable B cell that has memorable function so when it meet another similar type of virus antigen and our memorable B cells would immediately release lots of antibodies to neutralize it and kill the virus therefore prevent you from infecting the same virus again. This is how it works. In our blood system we have lots of IgG and meanwhile there is memorable function B cell present the same time in the mucosal System so when it’s meeting the antigen again it’ll produce the antibodies IgA but the precondition is there has to be memorable function B cell in present.

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If there is no memorable function B cells present, it’ll be impossible to produce igA cell also it’s not possible to get the huge amount of antibodies produced so keep in mind that the precondition is we have to have the memorable function B cells 

In theory all this virus that comes from nature can stimulate our human body to produce those B cells that have memorable function antibodies.

But this new virus COVID-19 virus CCP virus it has strong mutations and they also made some modification and added sugar chain modifications. This sugar chain modification cannot produce memorable B cells.

Another thing is that do you still remember last time I mentioned that in my previous episode CCP has made lots of sugar chin modifications in this S proteins, this sugar chin cannot stimulate our body to produce memorable function B cell it’s because the antigen is different.

OK let’s keep going let’s review these images the first one it’s about normal virus no more infection and how the vaccine function.

But let’s look at the image 2.  This antibody reaction it’s quite different than what we learned about normal virus infection.

Let’s see, the black line is about this virus RNA level. It’ like you get the test in the lab for virus quantity test.

The horizontal line it’s about the days one got in infected by the virus you can see the are in the quantity is very high and then when you test the antigen of this virus, the yellow line represents the antigen of the virus as you can see when we normally infected by the virus and it’s always very easy to test the antibody in our human body within three days however from this image shows it in three days it basically has no antigen no antibodies produced if one infected by the CCP virus or received the vaccine. Did you get it that IgM, that brown line and it is about 10 days this IgM start slowly increase, this characteristic it’s quite different than other normal antigen.

Correct and it’s funny that when the virus stay 10 days in the human body but body didn’t even produce the antibodies and the patient would have died already. 

Anyway if no antibody produced that’s fine that means you don’t have any symptoms, the worse thing is that you do produce the antibody so let’s look at the next image.

Let’s see this picture this means when you were infected by the virus through respiratory System before five days, then at the day zero at that time the virus can be tested in your body and the amount of quantity of the virus in your respiratory system and increase dramatically right?

look at that green line but at that time you might don’t have any symptoms from day one that you know this gray area you would experience some minor symptoms like fatigue or headache or start to have a fever, something like that in those gray area but when your symptoms start to shows did you notice that the virus quantities start to decline!

OK let me repeat again so from the left when viruses enter into a human body as this is very easy to understand right and then according to the viral chino this means the virus quantity is increase so it means in your body it can be tested the virus existing in your body and during this period it is called incubation period because you have no symptoms but the virus quantity is very high.

Then when you enter in few days look at this gray Blue area as you can see you start to have a minor symptoms and as your symptoms getting worse, look at the image in at that time you have to be hospitalized and further you would have a difficult breath like symptoms even it’s getting worse and then when enter into the stage of the ARDS normally called respiratory distress syndrome that means your oxygen level in your blood it’s below 90 in the images look at this light yellow area the severe illness and then into the critical condition is the area that means you need to use ICU in that stage your life would be in very critical condition but as the image shows when you enter severe illness and critical condition, the virus cannot even be tested ?  

Wow why it happened why the virus cannot be tested at this stage? 

Because the virus has already entered inside your body’s deeper organs and systems and therefore in the cell surface it cannot be tested anymore. So the test would be useless in this stage.

Now let’s look at these dotted line the antibody line, see the trend, did you noticed?

I looked like it is increasing?

Correct that means when you getting worse the antibodies is increasing and that also means the antibodies did not protect you at all, instead, make it worse and will take your life!

That means the more antibodies you have the worse you get and when you close to die then there’s no virus

It’s because this virus has already entered into your inner organs systems correct

So that means this vaccine antibodies it’s quite different than our normal antibodies

The normal antibodies works the way that when we get vaccine our symptoms get better and we get better until recover, but this antibodies is when we get more antibodies our symptoms becomes worse and worse and eventually take your life

Can I understand this way? This vaccine is in fact stimulate to allow virus to be easier to enter your body, right?

Well it achieved that type of results.

It’s because it produce lots of different proteins in the very surface of your organ system’ cell which causes yours immune system crazy offense that severely attack to your organ systems 

Oh I see it’s because it normally cannot distinguish the normal cells from the virus cells.

OK we have audience question ask that is there antidote that have a memorable a B cells and can kill this virus? 

I personally don’t believe it all produce memorable B cells it’s because this virus mutation is very fast and due to its frequent mutations it’s very difficult to produce some type of a memorable B cells because it’s unstable right?

So I don’t think that there is an antidote for using memorable function B cells I personally think perhaps the most complex maybe is the simplest. Like through physical and chemical effects currently I personally think the Hydroxychloroquine is the best and the most efficient medicine to kill this virus.

OK let me share you another paper, this paper I specifically like to share, it’s published 10 years ago and it’s published the top immunology magazine called immunology this magazine pretty much top magazine that have high reputation in addition to science and nature magazines.

Look at the author who published this paper? It’s Cao wu cun, isn’t this name sounds familiar? 

Right he is one of the PLA’s King of the poison, Chinese military scientist.

Have a look at this title of this paper 

It says lack of peripheral memory B cell Responses in recovered patients with SARS. that means in SARS patient’s body, they didn’t produce memorable function B cell it means whenever and  no matter how many times you get this vaccine it cannot produce the memorable function B cells and guess what they got this conclusion 10 years ago, plus they followed up for more than 6 years to get this conclusion. 

In addition to that, from the time they submit this paper until its publish it last more than one year, which is unusually long, it means this paper is reviewed and tested by many different scientists doctors in the medical industry so it can be approved agreed by all in the end, and also it has the highest number of reprint which also means the conclusion is very accurate and reliable.

So 10 years ago they knew it’s impossible to produce memorable function B cell for SARS, so for this Enhanced version of the SARS 2 they purposely avoided all the characters and avoid those can produce memorable B cells so they made as possibly as they can to conduct this criminal design.

So I have to say that all the talked about the vaccine is completely a scam

So please forward this paper to Dr Sailine the world really needs this fact report and it’s so important 

OK let me share another paper this is published at last year that in the journal of virology magazine. this is submitted by Shi Zhen Li and Li fang, you know Shi Zhen Li is that that bat woman. 

Let me zoom in so you guys can read clearly read what Shi Zhen Li said 

OK let’s look at the title first.

Do you see what the title says Molecular Mechanism for Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Coronavirus Entry, did you see it? 

The antibody is actually the one that introduce the virus to enter the body

This is the research they did in last year and they made it very clearly and thoroughly. 

So in the highlighted they said: we investigated how a neutralizing monoclonal antibody, which targets the receptor -binding domain of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus spike, mediates viral entry using pseudovirus entry…

Binds to the virus surface spike, allow it to undergo conformational changes and become prone to protected activation.

So in short this research is about allowing the virus to be easier to enter human body’s cell

When you heard this, what did you think?

Wow they are so evil! How could they do that? You know we consider scientists and doctors they’re supposed to serve the mankind and the society, but…

So you see this virus is receptor dependent, so through the FC receptor, this neutralized antibody, it allows the virus easier to enter your cell.

Wow it means the antibody supposed to stop the virus and protect you, but instead, this antibody is to assist and help the virus to achieve its goal, this is too evil, and they are so evil

This is absolutely evil please forward to Dr. selling

Yea, when I read this I was shocked 

This is so evil, too scary.

What time this was published? 2020 March I saw it was February, correct this this is the online version from the February but the magazine the paper version is published in March

As you can see it’s in fact in 2019 December they submitted this paper,

I wonder why they submit this? Didn’t they realize they are providing criminal evidence? 

But they don’t think this is criminal, they consider this a big Scientific achievement that they can get a reward get the promotion Plus who would pay attention to this type of a magazine? Who would read this type of paper? Nobody would read this unless you were doing research for coronavirus.

Right this is just so shocking and I was so shocked the CCP is evil

Please forward it is definitely the criminal evidence!

But they don’t think so that’s why that they are not afraid because there’s no direct connection between the coronavirus outbreak and their research so that’s why they are not afraid

But now there’s more and more evidence leading to the lab release or lab leaking about this virus and this paper now May be able to serve as an evidence?

Can I comprehend that way?

No you cannot, this can only approve that they knew this vaccine has this ADE function and it’s confirmed and they approved the vaccine has that ADE function. They are still promoting the vaccine which is really evil.

So while they designed the virus didn’t they also design the vaccine as well?

Yes, they designed the vaccine and they knew the vaccine can produce this neutralizing antibody which can cause ADE which is to enhance the ability of the coronavirus to entry the human body.

Can I understand this way? 

That is they designed the virus for the first attack and then they also designed vaccine with the function to enhance and to bring the virus even easier to enter human body which becomes the 2nd round of attacking, right


Wow that’s so evil so we need to tell the world that we need to forward this to Dr. Sailing

Not only these, I’ve mentioned that before that the vaccine that is based on these MS proteins no matter if it is a viral vector or Nanoion type, plus there are too many man-made design inside this S proteins, that is they have a so many Gene sequence similar as what our human bodies has and the antibodies produced from those protein may have a significant damage to the human organ systems which results in some type of self-immune systems diseases. I will share more detail in our next episode.

Now let’s look at this and see what it is ADE effect. let’s look at these images a, in theory, we expect the neutralizing antibodies can stop the virus just like to add a cover to a key so the key cannot work , this way you can stop the virus and it’s Protein to enter the body, which also prevent it from combing with the ACE2, right? This is in theory.

But in reality it’s not like what we hoped for, just like what Shi Zhen Li mentioned in their paper, the neutralizing antibodies can also play ADE effect.

And not mention those non-neutralizing antibodies, you see it can play the ADE effect too, it is able to combine itself with the FC receptor and bring the virus into our immune system and the virus can then produce duplicate itself in our immune system and damage our immune cells spread the virus all over our body through the blood cells.


Now let’s see the image C because viruses combined with this FC receptor it can also stimulate lot of inflammatory cells this is called cytokines storm.

So we talked about this antibodies and its principles fundamentals so in next episode when we talk about side effect of the vaccine and all those related to this antibodies you would be easier to understand.

Here I like to special thanks to the whistleblower movement that allow me to know more or I might like many other doctors just blindly trust the authority and don’t do enough research and maybe to receive vaccine myself so who knows. So I really really thank to Mr Miles Guo and whistleblower movement and thanks to Dr Yan or we might never going to pay attention to all of this thank you. 

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