Are We in a War? The Cost and Price To Win

The Communist World War does not require rumbling

We just experienced the “Bloody Thursday” that looted the world financial markets! even though you don’t invest in stock market, you can still imagine the tragic there.

The slump of the Stock market caused countless people’s fortune evaporated, many financial magnate were not even spared. Include Warren Buffett, a legend in finance and investment and is always known for his steady and intelligence. Why? Because they din’t view this as a WAR, if you view it as a war you’ll get a completely different outcome. you know capital is wise, it magnified human behavior to give you an answer.

coronavirus emergency response drills

You know everything has a trigger. This time the trigger is the WUHAN bio weapon crisis. I had mentioned in my previous live video few weeks ago about World War. Modern warfare is no longer as artillery bombardment as it was then. The characteristic of modern war is to deplete your resources, crack down on your ability of national control, destroy the credibility of your government, create chaos and resource-less panic in your society. Aren’t these all what we’ve been seeing so far?

Wall Street died so badly because the crisis was viewed in a traditional way. 18 trillion assets worldwide have evaporated. As long as they don’t see the nature of the Communist Party, they’ll keep losing. From Hollywood, sports to politics to business, everywhere has been ransacked by this virus. CCP has thoroughly studied the loopholes in the western system.

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Are we in a war? definitely! CCP has the ability and the motive to use bio-weapon! The Communist World War does not require rumbling.

What will happen to US stocks, traditional Financial policies will be unable to save the market, unless there is an antidote, or the characterization of this virus crisis is clarified and declared.

Emergency Exercise for Plague Prevention and Control

In China, the economy has completely collapsed and CCP is advocate people to enter the stock market and speed up the opening of financial markets to the United States. It is completely to deceive Chinese. It amplify greed, ignorant and shameless. CCP is setting up the last big casino in an attempt for a last wave of robering to the ordinary people. Knowing CCP, you’ll win, believe it, you lose!

We’ve seen the fall of United Nations Headquarters, the top ten riches lost $ 48 billion. The government’s control capacity has never been so challenge. There are segregation in governments. The procurement of supermarkets and the paralysis of logistics, if the epidemic continues to worsen, the crude oil prices will continue to fall and will result in another wave of market panic stampede. The worst is, the whole world have to rely on China, in fact, the CCP to supply the medical equipment and products! Does anyone realizes how dangerous to outsource your life saving supply to a completely evil tyrant?

Bloody Thursday - tragic
Chines News about the medical equipment tariff

This is the cost, this is the price for the extinction of the Chinese Communist Party and win this war.

Because only after everyone, from the government to the people, only after everyone has tasted the iron fist of the CCP, only after everyone has suffered badly from CCP’s man-made disaster, only then the world can wake up to understand the nature of the CCP, only then we can have a chance to win this biochemical war. This will become a milestone.

It’s time for all the countries to unit!

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