What Everyone Missed From Today’s Inauguration

We have seen in the history so many great elections and inauguration ceremonies, but we have never seen this odd scene – the masks. You see today, everyone wears mask. Such weird and wicked scene.

The unknown truth behind the inauguration

You know what? in rural China, farmers normally put masks to their donkeys and cows or other animals. Guess its to prevent cows or donkeys eating the grass while they’re working.

Wow look at now, don’t you find it’s funny that all these people wear mask? Despite how fashionable their mask is, how they make it personalized nationalizes, powerful, or whatever no matter what effort you make it look beautiful, but you can never change one thing, that is it’s still a mask.

When we see this whole picture today, see all those people decided to participate and be here today, didn’t they think about why they wear mask? Didn’t they think about just a tiny bit?

You know wearing masks now becomes a question of politics, it also determines life or death! Who the hell did this? Where’s the virus come from? Do you know? Have you ever trying to find out? Did you only listen to so called main stream media? Let me tell you who did this. It’s the Chinese Communists Party. The CCP. It’s called the bio-weapon!

Today we are watching the world’s largest political ceremony.  When you see these pictures, you should feel sad.

Because all the people here today are those who control the world, determine the world’s fate, determine your fate, the quality of human life, they are all here – wearing mask but no one dares to ask where the masks come from, and no one dares to face the truth of it, instead, they rather willing to collude, collaborate with the one that put the mask on them!

What sorts of power behind that? What power is that? What a disaster moment for the mankind!

Do you admit that the United States is the country that truly leads the world? Do you agree that the US truly is the world police?

Even the world leader fall down to that power, what would possibly happen to the rest of the world?  Do you understand?

In no exaggeration, I’d say today, it is the darkest and most shameful day in the human history.

I feel deeply sad., we know Hollywood makes blockbuster movies every day to save the earth and save mankind, all sorts of superhuman, but look at the scene today. What’s the situation? The so-called human bravery, sincerity, honesty, Pseudo-faith, pseudo-righteousness…

We see bad people at the scene; we know the betrayals. The betrayals after betrayals. One phoney after another, hypocritically perform in front of the camera. But no one dares to speak the truth, no one has the courage. No one dare to face the evil and the dark force of communism.

How sad! They allow the dark force to take over! How sad the fall of the world leader!

Today, in China, those with CCP high profiles, they are watching the scene – enjoying with such pride, such arrogance, because they won! They successfully manipulated and achieved one of their goals. How happy they played the United States in a way like one play a dummy, bully, domineering and fooling the rest of the world…

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Video courtesy by C-Span

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Cow picture by xinnet.com

Mr. Xi and Mr wang picture by renming.net