Myanmar, Aung San SUU Kyi – What Really Happened Behind the Scene

You might have already read the News, the Myanmar incident really terrified the whole world. But the public don’t know what was really going on behind the scene.

Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi – What really happened behind the scene

The Chinese Communist Party – the CCP once again showed the world its true color.

Confused? No worry. Here is some clue. Those who think they are smart to have a foot in both camps, guess what? CCP can simply destroy you if you dare to play that game. In other words, you can’t betray the CCP, or you’ll be destroyed.

An intelligence from CCP insider exposed that the Chinese diplomat Wang Yi clearly agreed when meeting with the Burmese  military in Myanmar. He promised to Myanmar military things like: we’ll back you up on the United Nations, we’ll not condemn you. If the United States and other Western countries impose sanctions on you, we will do our best to support you. We supply you weapons, and in the event of a small-scale civil strife, we can send troops to help. Of course in return, Myanmar military should bring all their jade and coal resources!

You see, it’s still all about manipulating by the CCP. CCP is warning the world, especially Biden administration; see what I am capable for. See the consequence if you try to fool me, see how I can destroy you if you don’t listen to me.

What this mean? If you don’t destroy the CCP, then they will destroy you. Just like what they did to Aung San Suu Kyi. The only way for your safety is to destroy the CCP.

There are many chances, you may not know, but now in China, the whole country is going crazy, the saga among 4 groups of gangs now enter into a stage of death race. The Chinese Communist Party CCP is bound to go insane before it’s perished. Because no one can stop the pressure from overseas: questions about: where did the virus come from? Who caused the virus?

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Myanmar’s incident has shocked the whole world. It has terrified Thailand, Malaysia. Malaysia had already knelt down, and even Singapore, Singapore clearly knows it is the one next.

As for Japan, Japan was infiltrated by the Communist Party too much. Through the incident in Myanmar, they were even more scared and more alert. From both this incident and the US 2020 election, it’s clearly proved that the CCP’s hand extended from Asia to the Middle East, and then to Africa and detoured back to Europe. Canada, the United States, and South America have completely fallen.

Wait a second, is the Communist Party that strong and powerful?

When all human beings feel fear and danger of CCP, it is the time to eliminate it!

Based on Mr. Miles Guo, after Myanmar incident, he chatted with few friends from Asian countries: Don’t you still want to play both hands? Do you still want to have a foot in both camps with the Communist Party? You see the consequence? How the Communist Party will deal with you? The only relationship you with CCP is either live by bending your knee to take its order or die if you dare not to. There is no chance to collude or to blend.

Mr. Miles Guo

The Japanese were terrified because the CCP absolutely wants to destroy Japan. They would do exactly the same as what they did to United States to take control through future elections.

Some good news is that India is the only hardest bone to chew, and it can be the only trusted friend of the Asia to take down CCP.

India has already realized the threat, so they immediately banned and removed all apps from China at least. Why other countries still in sleep? Why didn’t they follow?

CCP’s ambition is to regain Taiwan at this moment, next would be all countries in Asia one by one and they would turn them all into Hong Kong. Will they achieve their goal? Will they success? They will if you don’t stop it! They will if you allow that to happen!

So my question to you is:

Will you allow CCP to take control the world?

CCP is actually in a various weak states, plus they are current experiencing the absolute economic collapse, how many days will you allow CCP to survive?

Take down CCP, if not now, when?

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