Why Biden Called Xi and Sent Over Chinese New Year Greetings as CCP Expected?

We all know Biden’s phone call to China for Chines New Year shocked the world, but to me, it’s not surprise.

It was a heat in the past week during Chinese new year. Why?

Why Biden sent his greetings to CCP on the Chinese New Year eve

Based on the inside intelligence, CCP has planned to order POTUS to call right before the Chinese New Year, aka the New Year’s eve, they have given orders to their Ministry of Foreign Affairs to arrange it with their requirements that the call must be made at exactly set time, manner and place.

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Bingo! Biden performed very well and called Xi and sent his happy Chinese New Year message just exactly as what CCP wanted!

But oh oh, it also triggered the anger from the American people while rumbled the internal political structure of the CCP. 

Ok, if you are not convinced, can you see all the negative impacts emerged right after Biden’s phone call? all the media covered this – such significant and special event in the history of Sino-US relations. 

After all Biden represents all the American people, the Americans couldn’t accept the humiliation regardless how willingness Biden would. You humiliated the POTUS is just like you humiliated all the American people, right? I wouldn’t be surprise if everyone busted with anger…

CCP certainly got something to brag about that how they pinned POTUSs down on the ground and ordered POTUS to call the CCP at a set time and manner. Even the people who used to like Biden were absolutely livid because of this and calling Biden spineless. Well, again, it’s not surprise to me, Biden is spineless.

With so many deaths still occurring in US, with the origins of the virus still remains a mystery; when the virus is still killing the US people, everyone with even half brain would know it is extremely stupid to make such a call. Well, Biden just did it.

Many influential families and pharmaceutical companies suffered too, but hey, don’t you remember that it is you, or at least most of you helped Biden steal the election from Trump? What it is called? Consequence! Now you pay the price, right?  You still think Biden would do any good to American company or American people? Naïve

Wall street Elites
Wall street Elites

Yes, anyone could know by using the virus card, the US could gain a huge barging and the US companies can make lots of money simply by holding CCP/China accountable, but this stupid phone call ruined everything!

Wall Street elites also feel betrayed as they consider they were bargaining with CCP with the most valuable legacy Trump left for the US, because you know, when CCP did something wrong and caused damage to the US, logically the US would put sanction to CCP just like what we saw the punishment on Huawei and tiktok, then Wall Street elites can interfere and help CCP to fix it, again logically CCP in return can give benefit to those Wall Street elites for their bargain goal, all about their colluding..

with this stupid call everything is spoiled and ruin it…but again, to Wall Street elites, it’s called Consequence!

Didn’t Biden know what would be the outcome? Of course he did. But why he still do it? Because he is the one who cares nothing but his own benefit, he is the one who has no ability and guts to stand against the evil, he is the one who is willing to sell his soul as well as other’s soul if he could just simply to stay comfort, easy and “safe”.

His own sex scandal and his son’s scandal didn’t even make him feel ashamed, what could possibly make him ashamed by just kneeling down to CCP and taking orders from them?

Even though the US got bullied, even though he got deeply hurt by the CCP, he still chooses to obey the CCP because he has no idea, no brain and no capability to stand against the evil.

What a joke for the US to have such fake president!

Such a joke the US establishment deep state wanted to control the world by exporting their so called democracy to the rest of the world while themselves can’t even have a fair election, can’t even handle the election fraud…

Such a joke that US deep state had Aung San Suu Kyi groomed for years but CCP can easily turn it upside down by manipulating a Myanmar military coup simply to show you what they are capable for!

Now the US government still busy on impeachment Trump! A president that had already left the office!

What a joke! Look at their face, full of hatrate toward former president Trump!

What a joke for this whole thing! Wake up!!

2nd impeachment

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